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5 SEO best practices for Black Friday 

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8 Nov 2022

You want to boost your holiday sales this Black Friday season. It is the best time to plan ahead of time or carry out these seasonal SEO best practices. In this article, we want to introduce some SEO tips that you can navigate this holiday season and continually plan for the next.

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5 SEO best practices for Black Friday 
5 SEO best practices for Black Friday (Source: Internet)

1. Create dedicated landing pages for Black Friday 

To increase visibility for Black Friday or Cyber Monday-related searches, it is important to build a dedicated evergreen landing page for this holiday. To find the best deals, you can search for keyword links that include [brand name] or [product] plus the words such as deals, discounts, or promos.

Using Google’s Trends’ historical findings, it can find out what the best choices are popular in product categories. If the idea is to give discounts on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, it is a separate page for a product or service. So, you should plan the creation of these landing pages and their content.

After those pages are required, implement a 302 redirect to prepare for Christmas consumers or Google to check the site. To be better, you can build a “mini-site” with Black Friday/Christmas-themed pages that can be hidden from some visitors until the holiday season comes.

When the pages have been created, they should be added to the XML sitemap and navigation. Because the last purpose is to generate traffic from holiday-related search searches. 

However, ensure that repeat visitors see the updated pages to take advantage of the holiday specials. By adding some new pages to the sitemap, you can provide a map to locate and index them.

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2. Focus on user experience

The main thing for online Christmas shoppers is discovering the greatest offers. One of the shopper’s main pains is when they are incapable of finding the offers on a website or meeting out-of-stock products after browsing around the site for a while.

Because online buyers easily switch to another option fast and simply, brands should need many sorts of changes to keep customers on their sites and then spend money on items they sell.

The following elements are key:

  • Using faceted navigation.
  • Optimizing shopping carts.
  • Improving page experience.

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 brands should need many sorts of changes to keep customers on their sites
Brands should need many sorts of changes to keep customers on their sites (Source: Internet)

3. Work with paid search

While Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) illustrate the most important long weekend of the year for retail, it is necessary to work to adjust the organic search strategy with paid search. This can provide your users with the most unified omnichannel experience.

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The paid search campaign, like SEO best practices strategy, should be built on a connection of historical ad performance data and fresh keywords.

There are some things to remember when you plan a holiday PPC campaign: 

  • Ad bidding for BFCM is hard on the budget. Be careful when choosing the target keywords for paid ads.
  • Run sponsored promotional ads before the Black Friday – Christmas shopping season when there is a little bit of competition. This year, holiday shopping will begin earlier than usual.
  • Match the campaign goals to the stage of the funnel when starting paid social campaigns.
  • Remember to set a part of the budget for test ads such as Tittok, Google Ads, Linkedin…

4. Optimize your Google Business Profile

In How to turn Google Business Profile, we discussed the importance of Google Business Profile in SEO best practices. Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, GBP is a significant revenue source if optimized correctly. 

There are some things you can work during Black Friday – Christmas season to increase revenue:

  • Create a category section for each season. For example, make a new category section for Black Friday products and once Black Friday ends, remove it then create a new one for Christmas.
  • Add the necessary information regarding delivery during the festive season. This is very essential because the lack of information could lead to bad reviews. 
  •  create GBP posts to keep the audience informed about upcoming offers, delivery times or important parts of your business or products.
  • Encourage the customers to leave a review or directly answer many comments.

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5. Hone in on digital PR and links

In some days leading up to or during Black Friday, there are different articles making use of many words such as  “Black Friday,” “deal” or “offer”. This goes to illustrate how much the hunger reporters have for the Black Friday sale material. 

In the next few weeks, your company should focus on promoting Black Friday deals for the e-commerce firm to the media.

There are some things you do to gain links prior to or during the holiday season:

  • Send journalists reports of Black Friday or Christmas specials, a list of the products, adding photos and prices.
  • Be aware that the journalists are inundated with Black Friday requests, so you should be careful about how you adjust the pitch and who you pitch.
  • Control media requests can relate to Black Friday or Christmas.
  • Collect with your team, or plan a piece of content to enhance before and during a festive season. It may a report that is promoted among the media, a collaboration with an influencer, an event and more.
Hone in on digital PR and links
Hone in on digital PR and links (Source: Internet)

To sum up, this is all information EverRanks wants to share with businesses about 5 SEO best practices for Black Friday. We hope through the shared information, your business can boost holiday sales with the maximum deals.

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