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Learn Amazon A10 Algorithm: Everything you need to know to rank

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29 Sep 2022

To determine which products are displayed at the top of search results, Amazon utilizes its own search algorithm. This formula was once known as A9 Amazon. The A10 Algorithm for Amazon was then improved. When customers search on Amazon, the A10 algorithm is utilized to determine how a product will appear.

The Amazon A10 algorithm’s advantages to users are substantial. Consumer behavior is the main emphasis of Amazon’s A10 algorithm update.

What is an Amazon Search Algorithm?

A search algorithm is a complex ranking system that determines the relevance and quality of content in relation to a specific search query. Algorithms are constantly evolving in order to provide the most accurate search results.

Unlike Google, which is focused on research and study, Amazon is entirely focused on the shopping experience. Thus, whereas Google ranks websites based on their loading speed or topical authority, Amazon ranks websites based on conversion and sales metrics.

Amazon’s algorithm determines your product ranking by analyzing your product listings, matching them with the search queries of online shoppers, and then displaying the most relevant ones on the first page of search results.

What is an Amazon Search Algorithm?
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A quick recap of the Amazon A9 Algorithm

The Amazon search algorithm, known as Amazon A9, evaluates product detail pages based on two primary ranking factors: relevance and performance.

  • Keyword relevancy is the process of selecting appropriate search terms for your Amazon listings that effectively match online shoppers’ queries. Make sure to use the most important and appealing keywords in your product title, bullet points, and product description when optimizing your product detail page.
  • Along with text match relevancy, several performance-related ranking factors are more difficult to prioritize and thus control. Each aspect of your product’s performance necessitates a well-coordinated strategy based on actionable metrics and supported by powerful Amazon Seller tools.

What is Amazon A10 Algorithm?

What is Amazon A10 Algorithm?
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Changes between the A9 and A10 algorithms

  • Compared to the Amazon A9 Algorithm, the Amazon A10 Algorithm evaluates shoppers more strongly and appropriately. The Amazon A9 algorithm directs users to more profitable products, while the Amazon A10 algorithm provides better accurate results, even if the final product is less profitable.
  • With Amazon’s A10 algorithm, sponsored links don’t bring as much success or relevance as they did with A9, so Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign implementations are unlikely to succeed. I’m not saying PPC campaigns are inappropriate because they still have a lot of value. It’s just that we need to be more strategic and artistic in how we approach them.

Factors affecting ranking in the A10 algorithm

Factors affecting ranking in the A10 algorithm
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With support for the Amazon A10 algorithm, make wiser judgments. The criteria provided by Amazon are frequently too high, therefore you must comprehend them and have the most reasonable implementation to make conducting business on Amazon simple.

Optimizing SEO standard listing


The product image is the first thing customers see. As a result, give click-through rate (CTR) and conversion rate (CR) priority.

  • Main image: related to CTR and CR. The main image should only represent the main product and should meet Amazon’s minimum requirements (namely), white background and 85% filling of the image frame). The product must be attractive, recognizable and bright.
  • Additional images: related to CR’s use to highlight the difference between your products.

The New Process of Creating Google Ads

A10 algorithm
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Product titles: Keywords at the start of the title are no longer necessary according to Amazon’s A10 algorithm. This is when you should annotate rather than create a concept that describes the title of your product.

Additional keywords: Add other key keywords, up to a maximum of 249 bytes. Keyword Complement Types: Some products allow you to define key complement word types, for example, the group object (male/female). Amazon filters them in searches so you can add them and optimize your products for SEO.

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Product Description

A bulleted copy cannot be in the product description. This is your chance to write a description that is more engaging than a bullet point. Demonstrating that you took the time to finish each component of your offer also increases buyer confidence.

By describing the brand’s history, characteristics, and benefits in greater detail, you may focus on the product description. Additionally, employ additional keywords because they have an impact on the algorithm.

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Learn Amazon A10 Algorithm
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Bullet point

Buyers may swiftly and readily understand information when it is presented to them in bullet points rather than a long, boring block of text.

Improve bullet points by addressing particular issues:

  • How will they profit from this product?
  • What distinguishes you from your rivals?
  • Are there any recurring fears that you can dispel?
  • Is that a suitable gift?
  • Can you guarantee it?

Seller Authority

The first factor mentioned is the reputation of the seller. This refers to a seller’s right to manage their Amazon listing or shopping cart box which is affected by factors such as: how long the seller has been active on Amazon, seller response ratings, seller activity index, the number of products the seller has in the catalog, and other factors.

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Seller Authority
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The number of times your product was seen on Amazon, partner, and affiliate websites. Views and product ratings are closely related. The ranking rises in proportion to the number of views; conversely, the ranking falls in proportion to the number of views.

Sales Internal

Orders are sold starting from the Amazon website, without being searched for (things like “frequently bought with”).

PPC Sales

This is still a factor in keyword ranking on Amazon, but it is no longer one of the primary factors. Previously, it was a significant and significant role.

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keyword ranking on Amazon
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Click-Through Rate

How often to click on a product to see when it appears in search results. For this reason, you should invest in and care about the information surrounding your product. This is a professional product photo with a succinct title that will grab your audience’s attention. The above points will help increase your product click-through rate.

Click-Through Rate
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Off-Site Sales

This is an important factor in driving keyword rankings for the Amazon A9 algorithm because bringing off-site traffic to your Amazon listings is now 3 times more efficient than utilizing Amazon PPC.

Conversion Rate

The conversion rate is a crucial component of the Amazon A10 algorithm. This is the rate at which a customer decides to purchase your goods after seeing it. The ranking of the product increases with the conversion rate.

Sales History

Sales history shows information about how well your product is selling, and its history is a powerful factor in how you rank organically on Amazon’s search results pages. Keeping your products in stock will ensure strong product ratings.

Organic Sales

One of the nine important components of Amazon’s A10 algorithm is organic selling, which refers to when a customer purchases a product without any marketing or promotion. A person searches for something, the item shows up, and someone purchases it. This transaction is viewed as organic.

How to improve Amazon A10 algorithm ranking

How to improve Amazon A10 algorithm ranking
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The following insights will keep you up to date on the most recent changes to the Amazon algorithm.

  • To improve your ranking, you must first create a compelling product listing that is optimized for your target audience.
  • Amazon has begun to remove such listings that offer numerous discounts and promotions.
  • In your listings, include as much information as possible. In the ‘Keywords and Description’ section, fill out all of the available fields.
  • Reviews are more important now than ever before.
  • Organic Google rankings are critical. Create high-quality traffic by leveraging websites with high domain authority.
  • Get micro-influencers or popular bloggers to review your products. Connect them to your Amazon product.
  • Participate in seller forums and stay proactive. Staying current with trends and constantly learning through smart work are the keys to growing your business.

Amazon has become increasingly essential for many brands, and it is important for you to be aware of Amazon’s rapid changes, specifically in this article regarding the Amazon A10 algorithm. Hope the following EverRanks article gives you a lot of useful information. Don’t forget the website of our SEO company to get value articles.


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