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10 Amazon SEO Checklist For Optimization of Your Online Shop 2022

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25 Sep 2022

EverRanks gives you 10 Amazon SEO checklist so that you can optimize your online shop on Amazon. Have a check with the article and your current online shop to make sure your shop meets all SEO requirements. 

Factors that affect Ranking on the Amazon Platform

Sales Speed

There is a simple relationship between sales velocity and Amazon SEO company, which implies that the more money you create on the Amazon platform, the higher your ranks will be. If you create a compelling sales resume for Amazon, it will gladly give you a little extra consideration.

Sales velocity is defined by Amazon as the number and dollar amount of Seller account transactions in a given month. Because a high sales velocity is a critical performance indicator for an Amazon account, its ranking algorithm analyzes sales data and raises the sales rank for products that sell well. Furthermore, launching pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns, evaluating product conversion rates, and enhancing customer reviews can all help to boost sales velocity.

Some well-connected entrepreneurs also form a network with other Amazon sellers in order to collaborate and help each other’s businesses via “referral traffic”.

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10 Amazon SEO Checklist For Optimization of Your Online Shop 2022
 Amazon SEO checklists so that you can optimize your online shop on Amazon (Source: Internet) 

Keyword Mastery 

Amazon keywords are critical to the whole SEO process since they allow your eCommerce firm to engage with your target audience on the platform depending on what they are looking for.

Some useful tips to optimize your Amazon keyword usage are as follows: 

  • Target your audience: The first step in selecting the correct SEO keywords is determining who you are attempting to target. Find suitable keywords for your business that will reach your target customers.
Target your audience to have a good keyword checklist
Target your audience to have a good keyword checklist (Source: Internet)
  • Keep these keywords in product listings: Following that, carefully selected keywords should be added to every product listing. There is a warning that you should only use a keyword once because conducting it would waste word space that could be utilized for other keywords.
10 Amazon SEO Checklist
Keep these keywords in product listings (Source: Internet)
  • Use backend keywords: Backend keywords are those that consumers cannot see while using the platform. As your back-end keywords, you might alternatively include a long list of keywords. This allows you to rank for additional queries and increase your lead generation.
Amazon SEO Checklist
Use backend keywords (Source: Internet)

Amazon SEO Checklist for the best Product Listing

Product Title

The product title should be simple and convey the most valuable information about your item. It’s worth noting that each product type has its own Amazon title formula. Amazon, for example, proposes the following templates for these popular product types:   

  • Kitchen appliances: Brand + Model Name + Model Number + Size + Product Type
  • TV: Brand + Model Name + Product Type + Color
  • DVD product: Brand + Model Name + Size + Product Type + Screen Type
  • Jewelry: Brand + Product Category + Sex + Metal Variation + Shape + Material + Product Type
  • Video Games: Brand + Product Type + Type of Platform

Optimizing product title will immediately catch your customer’s attention and increase your business’s likelihood of producing sales

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Optimize Product Title
Amazon SEO Checklist – Optimize Product Title (Source: Internet)

Product Description

The product description will provide more information about the product that the consumer wants to purchase. It’s also a chance to persuade buyers with the correct words just in time for their purchase choice. However, you may encounter some constraints while posting the description on Amazon. Below are some of our Amazon SEO tips on how you can optimize this part of your product listing that our SEO company had collected:

  • Avoid rewriting: Instead of just writing information relevant to the product title, you can expand on its details and makes the benefits a focal point of the text. The additional information you can add may be the practice of the product, source of the material used to produce this product, review of customer about product…
  • Tell a story: Feel free to tell a story about how the products came to be. It is a real-life product testimonial that offers a fresh perspective on why people need it in the first place.
  • Make it readable. Customers on Amazon dislike reading long blocks of text, so make your product description as brief as possible. Each paragraph should have three lines, with the line break HTML code used to separate them.
You should optimize product description
You should optimize the product description (Source: Internet)

Bullet Points

Bullet points are yet another effective approach to persuade your target audience to purchase your product. The majority of Amazon buyers prefer to read simple bullet points rather than long descriptions. That is why bullet points help businesses enhance their conversion rates.

EverRanks SEO company give you a summarized list of what you can do to write bullet points that convert:

  • Outline. Make sure that these bullet points are written in a different style than your title and description so that you have a clear outline of the product’s finest features.
  • Focus on one benefit per bullet point: Each bullet point should have one benefit. For example, instead of stating “Easy to use, good quality” in one bullet, divide it into two for improved reading.
  • Consider the limitation: Because Amazon product listings have a character limit of 200 characters per bullet point, make sure your highlights are brief but packed with crucial information.

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Amazon SEO Checklist - Bullet points
Amazon SEO Checklist – Bullet points (Source: Internet)

Use White Background

A white background can provide professionalism to your product listing, which is advantageous because Amazon customers choose visually realistic photographs as their primary selection. It also removes all potential distractions, allowing the camera to focus solely on the product.

It is crucial to note, however, that not all products look good on a white background. As indicated in the preceding section, some products seem better with a naturally illuminated backdrop.

A white background can provide professionalism to product listing
A white background can provide professionalism to product listing (Source: Internet)

Take high-resolution images

For the best image quality, consider purchasing a high-resolution camera. Make every effort to ensure that each product is displayed in the best possible light. If you take blurry or low-quality images, you risk losing customers.

Another critical aspect is appropriate lighting on your product. Most high-quality photographs use either natural light (with generally soft tones) or artificial lighting, such as reflectors and lightboxes. While the right lighting will vary depending on your products, your ultimate goal should always be to make your things look better for your audience.

Ensure that each product is displayed in the best possible light
Ensure that each product is displayed in the best possible light (Source: Internet)

Uploads photos from several angles

By sharing photographs in various sizes, you may provide your customers with a visual tour of your product. This item will aid in bringing your product’s external and interior design to the consumer. For example, if you sell sports apparel on Amazon Marketplace, try photographing your products from a distance, up close (to show the material used), and when worn.

Uploads photos from several angles
Uploads photos from several angles (Source: Internet)

Try to avoid SEO mistakes 

You ought to avoid SEO mistakes. Those mistakes may seem insignificant at first glance, but they eventually cause a negative ripple effect on an Amazon business’ sales performance.

There are some common SEO mistakes that new businesses often make when starting selling on Amazon: 

  • Mismanaging product inventory
  • Unable to sustain SEO process
  • Don’t adjust to A10 Search Engine
  • Don’t do research about competitor
  • Provide wrong information

That is all about Amazon SEO Checklist that helps you optimize your shop on Amazon. EverRanks hopes that this article is informative to you to better determine what you do when starting with e-commerce. Follow EverRanks for more useful knowledge.


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