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3 simple steps of automatic content creation for businesses

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15 Nov 2022

Parties joining in the content creation process all know how much time, effort and financial resources need to be spent on it. Writing content with a chance of high rank in search results takes a lot of those resources. When many companies develop, the resources available for different projects may diminish.

In this article, EverRanks discuss how to facilitate content research and automation tools to cut corners and protect valuable resources.

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What is content automation, and why do you need it?

Content marketing automation consists of repetitive content marketing tasks and relevant tools to carry out these tasks. 

If the content automation software is carrying out all the heavy lifting, SEOs don’t need to waste time writing out detailed content drafts for content creators. Instead, copywriters can skip the SEO learning curve and then focus on creating funny sentences.

With automation apps, the SEO and content teams can save time, optimize costs, make more appropriate decisions, and especially focus on contributing marketing strategies that make a difference.

From doing research to making and optimizing content, content automation tools improve productivity across the entire content.

Does Google Helpful Content Update Change Rankings?

Creating content is considered a process including different necessary steps:

  1. Determining the article topic
  2. Creating a content brief
  3. Writing an optimized article copy

Implementing these tasks takes lots of the SEO and content team’s time. Many content research or automation tools help cover and follow the entire content creation process.

This article wants to share with you SE Ranking’s content tool, The Content Marketing Platform. It helps craft content brief in a few minutes and then write a full article in a few hours. Moreover, this tool uses NLP to propose the most suitable keywords in the content. 

3 steps to create content automatically

Step 1. Determine the article topic

Many SEO or content marketing specialists spend much of their content creation effort on keyword research. Because doing keyword research is the first step to searching an article topic. By optimizing content sections for search, SEOs and content marketers create a traffic flow to these websites. They include various search intents to help users move down the search funnel.   

To ensure you are automating the whole process, please check that your keyword research tool can:

  • Propose similar, related or long-tail keywords with different search volumes based on the primary keyword.
  • Provide complete and exact data on keyword metrics, including search volume and keyword difficulty.
  • Stress SERP features for each keyword.
  • Know the keyword’s user goal.

Pay attention to how big your keyword research tool’s database is and how much you rely on its accuracy.

SE Ranking’s Keyword Research tools can tick each box in this respect. Moreover, it is a part of a large ecosystem of tools, you can easily manage all site’s data from a central hub.

SE Ranking’s Keyword Research tools
SE Ranking’s Keyword Research tools (Source: Internet)

With the tool, you don’t need to export anything to Excel. Instead, you can directly add more keywords you focus on targeting to one of SE Ranking’s tools. It includes Keyword Manager, Content Editor and Keyword Rank Tracker.

SE Ranking’s tools include Keyword Manager, Content Editor and Keyword Rank Tracker
SE Ranking’s tools include Keyword Manager, Content Editor and Keyword Rank Tracker (Source: Internet)

After completing your research and choosing the primary keyword (or some relevant keywords) that you focus on your new content, address the article’s main topic. Then create a content brief for copywriters.

Step 2. Create a content brief

Because your copywriter only relies on you, you should clarify in the content brief what you want. 

Begin with analyzing the top-ranking SERP users in the selected region to know what works for them. Apply the information to write a detailed brief and don’t forget to filter out the competition.

To reach it, visit competitor’s website to ensure they are propagating the right topic to their audiences. Their content is adjusted to the right audiences and the stages they are experiencing.

When you select the exact digital rivals, you should check the upcoming article’s content parameters. The default values in SE Ranking’s Content Marketing Platform performed as an average of each selected competitor, but you can freely change them as you see. Moreover, you can decide on how many characters, words, headings, paragraphs and images will be used in the text.

How SEO and content marketing work together

The default values in SE Ranking’s Content Marketing Platform performed as an average of each selected competitor
The default values in SE Ranking’s Content Marketing Platform performed as an average of each selected competitor (Source: Internet)

Each SEO professional says that you should take specific keywords in your text to boost its chances of appearing in Google Search. It is a place where you get additional support and get a detailed list of NLP keywords that Google suggests.

Finally, analyze competitor heading structure to generate a detailed brief for your new article. You can copy competitor headings or rely on them to create your own and unique headings. 

Your copywriters then will have a detailed outline to specify everything from the length to the number of times that a keyword is used on this page. 

Step 3. Write an optimized article copy

As a content creator, apply the detailed content brief as a basis for writing this article copy. You can take a traditional route and write the text right on the spot, or receive support from an AI rewriter for help.

In fact, each modern content marketing automation tool is an opportunity to take many texts from competitors and then add them to your own copy. After that, it will offer plagiarism-free alternatives to check in your article.

Moreover, if you are busy, you can choose relevant ideas from competitors and let AT rewrite in a new style with plagiarism-free alternatives.

SE Ranking helps you automatically create content
SE Ranking helps you with automating content creation (Source: Internet)

Ensure the copy has enough words and specific keywords, which are not used too immensely. Remove punctuation and grammar mistakes, and make sure the reading level is suitable


To sum up, EverRanks has just provided content creators with 3 simple steps to create content for enterprises automatically. Content marketing automation tools are useful to skyrocket the efficiency of your business and improve the overall quality of services.

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