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What Are Paid Links? Should You Buy Paid Links For SEO

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23 Oct 2022
Buying Backlinks For SEO: Yes, This Is Still A Thing
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For a long time, search engine optimizers realized an important role in buying paid links in search ranking until different enterprising souls created the idea of selling links. 

The first point in the EverRanks guide about link schemes states that buying or selling links that PageRank impacts the site’s ranking. This includes “exchanging money for many posts, links, goods, services…”

And with good SEOs, everybody wishes to do lots of their own sites, and practicing helps to know clearly and impressively. So, what is the benefit of paying for links? We will answer all questions and take a look at the buying or selling links.

What Is & Isn’t A Paid Link?

Firstly, you should address the “elephant in the room”: What is a paid link?

When starting to talk about paid link building, it is a common question I get asked. Google’s definition is exact and clear and some changes in money, services, or goods for a link are verboten.

As you have read the article, you are aware that “safer” paid link strategies risk being part of a link scheme or violating Google’s terms.

Why Do Some Professionals Still Buy Links?

Right now, you may be asking, why are websites doing it if paying for different links is frowned upon? For the same reason, people speed in all cars, it is faster and they view it as worth the risk.

It reduces the overload of work required to build link requirements (such as creating quality, prospecting the link opportunities, and building relationships) or cuts down the time taken to see results. 

In the early 2000s, buying or selling links was considered good business. Directories let you pay for reviews or services companies allowing you to buy and rent links.

Then, Google carried out the weekly whacker to enable users to report paid links, which can force link buyers or sellers to change tactics.

For over two decades, buying links became risky because of Google’s ability to find and estimate the SEO value of paid links has been accurate.

It is a critical risk. 

If you pay for links, there is a chance the algorithms can ignore it. You have no idea whether you threw away money. Google is not foolproof. Enterprises resort to paid link building because it is easy. 

Nowadays, the rise of organic link-building or content marketing has lessened the need for buy-in from the SEO industry.

The Reality Of Buying Links

You shouldn’t give a website owner $500 to link to your website, and it is a shady practice. The correct way to buy links is to outsource links to a reputable agency. If done correctly, it doesn’t pay for links as defined by Google.

There is a difference between paying to build links and participating in the link scheme. For instance, if you look to improve awareness (not depending on SEO efforts), you pay to feature on reputable websites with attributed or nofollow links. It is a great addition to the public relations strategy. 

Some bad link buying such as link farms and private blog networks create dangerous attacks and are risky to users. If you link a large amount of low-quality links, you receive a penalty.

A few suggestions:

  • Don’t buy sitewide links such as links in a sidebar, footer and navigation. 
  • Avoid link-selling services or contract link-selling services.
  • Avoid red-flag websites. Because previously, websites were penalized, re-exchanged into link farms, or relied on an ad-heavy, a content-thin page will announce an internal alarm.
  • Disclose paid links or ensure theories are tagged with rel=nofollow or rel=sponsored. 

Similar to organic link building, it is necessary to follow the health of the backlink profile. You should use link tracking software to ensure the link’s impact or prune the low-quality links that have a negative effect on the side.

You should be diligent if you purchased links in the past – check your link profile and continually consider disavowing the risky links. 

Do Paid Links Work?

In fact, paying for all backlinks will increase the search engine ranking. If it weren’t worth the risk, nobody would do it but concealing paid links is hard and difficult. 

Backlinks are valuable to establish a site’s reputation or relevance in Google’s eyes. Earning some links from relevant websites that supply a good user experience outperforms various incoming links from low-quality sites. 

It is accurate to say that paid links will work until they don’t. The business model relies on non-permanent tactics to a high percentage.

If you are satisfied with paying for the SEO agency to boost the rankings, then you can buy links. In other words, paying for work, not many links. Make sure to do the research or hire a reputable agency.

Please follow all the tips on EverRanks to generate helpful content for each audience or represent the brand.


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