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Changes In Google SERPs Found Based On 150,000 Product Queries

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13 Oct 2022

According to research on the search results of 150,000 apparel-related keywords, some changes in Google SERPs show its features 95% of the time, indicating opportunities for online merchants who want to sell more through Google.

Search ranking has evolved beyond the traditional organic-focused SEO model.
Source: EverRanks

The findings indicate that search ranking has evolved beyond the traditional organic-focused SEO model and that it must become to keep up with today’s reality.

seoClarity listed the various SERP features encountered, in descending order of popularity on the SERPs:

  • Products Carousel 120,772
  • People Also Ask 57,925
  • FAQs 17,119
  • Local 8,563
  • Images 2,451
  • Free Product Listings 877

150,000 Keywords Related to Apparel

The study, conducted by the AI-powered SEO and content optimization platform seoClarity, focused on apparel-related search queries.

Popular Products' dominance in the SERPs was most visible in mobile search results.
Source: Internet

While it was obvious that the organic search results with the ten blue links were essentially obsolete, they were surprised to see how far the organic search results had receded beneath different search features.

They discovered that 95% of the keywords had a SERP feature on the first page of search engine results pages (SERPs).

The Popular Products search feature accounted for 85% of those SERP features.

48% of the time, the Popular Products feature appeared in the top three search results.

According to seoClarity, Popular Products’ dominance in the SERPs was most visible in mobile search results.

They learned:

“…in mobile, 75% of the queries’ SERPs included 4 or more occurrences within the Popular Products packs in the same SERP.”

Concerning Popular Products – Changes in Google SERPs

The Google Popular Products search feature was introduced in 2020 to display popular clothing products.

Being listed in these types of search results is completely free.

Because Popular Products was initially rolled out for apparel-related searches, it’s not surprising that a high percentage of apparel-related search queries yield a high rate of Popular Products search features, as Google had predicted.

The Evolution of Search – Changes in Google SERPs

Google search has constantly been evolving.

Nonetheless, the notion of ten blue links representing what search results should look like persists. This is evident in the outraged exclamations when search results are anything other than ten blue links.

Google search has constantly been evolving.
Source: Internet

Images appear in recipe search results.

Search results for the cast of a TV show or film include images of the actors.

When you search for products on Amazon or another online store, the results are ordered by image.

As a result, it makes sense for Google to use the imaging paradigm in search results for shopping-related search queries, particularly those related to clothing.

Google’s announcement of the new Popular Products feature in 2020:

“When you’re shopping online for something to wear, like a down jacket for winter or dress shoes to match a new outfit, it can be useful to see style options across lots of different stores.

But with the number of options online, it isn’t always easy to know what’s out there, find inspiration, compare your choices and decide what and where to buy.

Search has always let you find links to different products and stores, but starting today and rolling out this week in English in the U.S., you’ll begin to see clothes, shoes and accessories from across the web in one place on Search on your mobile device, so you can easily browse lots of different stores and brands at once.”

Changes in Google SERPs features aim to provide search results in an engaging manner that assists users based on their search intent.

The findings of seoClarity’s research emphasize that search has evolved, and as a result, SEO must evolve as well.

SEO Must Change

To keep SEO effective, consider all of the search features available for a given query and ensure that the site is optimized to rank for those kinds of SERPs.

All businesses selling products should consider participating in Google's free listings program.
Source: Internet

seoClarity posted:

“If you aren’t optimizing for Google Shopping, your organic search traffic and visibility are stifled.”

This new method of displaying search results may have a more significant impact on apparel-related search queries than on search queries in other verticals.

Those circumstances may indicate a search feature dominating the top of the search results, such as the Popular Products search feature.

Most importantly, all businesses selling products should consider participating in Google’s free listings program.

Google’s Merchant Center has published documentation on how to get products listed on the first page of search results, which includes the following advice:

“Free listings allow customers to see product results from your store across Google, such as on the Shopping tab, YouTube, Google Search (.com), Google Images, and Google Lens.

Just as we don’t charge websites to be part of the Google Search index in order to organize and display relevant information, participating retailers are also eligible to have their product information organized and displayed for free across Google.”

The takeaway from this research is that SEO is no longer just about ranking in the top ten search results with ten blue links for some verticals.

Search results for shopping-related queries are now more image-rich to assist shoppers in finding the products they seek.

The most important takeaway from the seoClarity research is that SEO is more important than ever to help businesses surface their pages and products more effectively.

The changes in Google SERPs discovered by EverRanks based on 150,000 product queries are shown above. Hopefully, this article has provided you with a wealth of helpful information to help you make your information more accessible to users and improve the performance of your business.


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