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Google Panda Algorithm developed to Coati Algorithm

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18 Nov 2022

Did you hear that the Google Panda Algorithm from 2012 is no longer? Years passed and it was not only corporated into the core ranking algorithm but also at some point developed into a new algorithm and named after a new animal – Coati.

Hyung-Jin Kim, the Vice President of Google Search, informed this a short piece of news in SMX Next keynote. While it is not something actionable right now or anything that essentially matters, rarely has anyone in the SEO industry ever heard that Panda changed to Coati.

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Google Panda Algorithm has been replaced with Coati algorithm
Google Panda Algorithm has been replaced with Coati Algorithm (Source: Internet)

What is Google Coati Algorithm?

Hyung-Jin Kim said that while Panda has been applied into the bigger core ranking algorithm, “Panda has been totally replaced by Coati”. Coati was the successor to Panda and an updated algorithm to the Panda algorithm.

As time passed, Panda evolved into Coati. Coati is considered a black-and-white animal like Panda. Moreover, Coati wouldn’t be seen as a core update. Instead, both Coati and Panda are part of the core ranking algorithm.

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What is Google Panda Algorithm?

Google Panda was a giant algorithm update that could affect search rankings by 11.8% in the US. Google announced that Panda was established to decrease the rankings for low-quality websites and reward high-quality sites with high rankings.

Hyung-Jin Kim also said that Panda was necessary and published because Google was worried that the website would be working in a way they didn’t want. Google carries out algorithmic changes not only to improve search quality but also to persuade content creators to create the best content. 

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Google Panda Algorithm evolved to Coati Algorithm
Google Panda Algorithm evolved to Coati Algorithm (Source: Internet)

Why do we care about the Coati algorithm?

In fact, it doesn’t matter to SEOs, publishers, content creators, or searchers to get used to working with the new algorithm. However, for Google algorithm historians, it is considered an exciting piece of history. This is new information about something being old in the Google algorithm system. So it is interesting to know that Google Panda Algorithm does not exist anymore. It developed into a new algorithm called Coati Algorithm.

In conclusion, this article has provided you with new information about Google’s algorithm changes. Don’t forget to follow EverRanks for more continually updated news and SEO services!

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