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7 Etsy SEO most used techniques to get customers find your shop

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1 Nov 2022

Etsy SEO is the technique of improving a website’s ranking in search engines like Google or Etsy’s search system. Due to how frequently and unexpectedly search engine algorithms change, sellers should have a fundamental awareness of Etsy SEO to promote their brands and products in front of more potential buyers.

Today, EverRanks will give you 7 Etsy SEO useful tips that you can apply to improve your store’s rank.

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Etsy SEO techniques help your store to gain higher rank
Etsy SEO techniques help your store to gain higher rank (Source: EverRanks)

How the Etsy search engine works

According to Etsy algorithms, search engine will process 2 steps before showing the results to customers: Query matching and ranking.

Query matching

When a customer enters a search term, Etsy searches its inventory for listings that contain that term, based on: title, tag, categories and attributes.

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Some factors affect your Etsy shop ranking
Some factors affect your Etsy shop ranking (Source: Internet)

Etsy scores the matching listings based on the following 8 important criteria.

  • Relevancy: Listings may show up in search results if the user’s search term matches any of the listings’ tags, titles, categories, or qualities. Keywords with an exact match appear higher in search results.
  • Listing score: The listing quality score basically shows how well it converts. To judge how attractive a listing is, Etsy looks for hints. As a result, a listing’s quality score will increase the more people who view and buy it.
  • Recency: How long since the time the item listing was produced. When a new listing is created, Etsy temporarily moves it up in the search results. Its quality score can be determined effectively in this method.
  • Customers and market experience score: Each business gets a score that affects its rank depending on customer evaluations, how comprehensive your shop’s “About” section is, and any bad review.
  • Shipping cost: The cost of shipping is a significant aspect that affects a user’s purchase decision. Etsy prioritizes businesses shipping for free or providing free shipping to clients in the United States.
  • Language and translation: The language you choose when you created your Etsy account must be used for all store information.
  • Shop location: In the EU, Australia, and Canada, the seller’s location is taken into account, and local products show up a little higher in the search results. 
  • Consumer habits: Each consumer is given individualized search results. Etsy analyzes the behaviour of customers to present them with the products they are most likely to purchase.

7 Etsy SEO most used tips for your shop 

Are you finding a starting point to begin SEO-optimizing your own Etsy store? Here are 7 most used techniques for getting more customers to find your listings.

Mention your main product in shop title

One element of your shop that you can utilize to improve SEO is your shop’s name. Shop title is a succinct description of your business that lets customers know what products and services you offer.

Including main keyword in shop title is an Etsy SEO tip
Including main keyword in shop title is an Etsy SEO tip (Source: Internet)

The content in your shop’s title will serve as both the page title and the first item a user sees in the search results. Therefore, choose a suitable title that describes the categories of items you sell.

This strategy is very effective since customers are likely to find your store even while looking up a generic product keyword.

Optimize keywords in shop listing

EverRanks gives you some must know tips when researching and optimizing keywords in Etsy SEO:

How Etsy keywords work

The search results on Etsy must contain items that match the user’s query, the most exact matched one will rank higher. Etsy utilizes the following factors for prioritizing search results:

  • The strength of an exact phrase match is greater than an individual search term match. “Water goblet”, for instance, will be ranked higher than a match for “water” or “goblet.”
  • When a word or phrase in a search occurs in a listing’s title and tags, Etsy believes the listing to be more relevant than one with the search keyword only in the tags or title.
  • The words at the start of titles are more important than the words at the end. For instance, “water goblet colorful glass” would rank higher “colorful glass water goblet”.

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How to research and find a suitable keyword?

Think like a customer when choosing the keywords that would work best for your listings in search. What search phrases would you use if you wanted to buy a certain item or a certain kind of thing? Here are some suggestions:

  • Occasions: “For Christmas”, “summer time”, “dating”,…
  • Style: “vintage”, “classic”, “sporty”, “lolita”,…
  • Solutions: Does your product provide customers with a solution they are looking for?

Additionally, you should consider using long-tail keywords or particular terms. Those having three or more words are highly associated with sales because there is less competition and people who are looking for a certain product are more likely to click it.

Long-tailed keywords help customers fin you more easily
Long-tail keywords help customers find you more easily (Source: Internet)

To evaluate if those keywords are a good fit, try typing them into Etsy’s search bar and seeing what results appear. Don’t forget to analyze the most popular keywords using SEO tools like Google Keyword Planner.

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Avoid using the same keywords too much time

No matter how closely the listings match the user’s search, Etsy search algorithm won’t show more than one or two items from a shop when a buyer looks for something. De-clumping is what Etsy does to make sure that a wide variety of different stores show up in user’s search results.

You shouldn’t use the same main keyword for more than a couple of your items due to the de-clumping in Etsy search results; otherwise, you’ll be going against yourself.

Use all 13 product tags in each listing

The listing title, category, and description are among the items you must complete when creating a product listing. As shown by the asterisk next to them, these fields must be filled out because Etsy takes this information into account when displaying search results.

Optimize your Etsy SEO strategies by making use of all 13 Etsy tags
Optimize your Etsy SEO strategies by making use of all 13 Etsy tags (Source: Internet)

Although the tags section is not required, it is crucial to include a variety of tags to make your listings more search engine friendly. You can use up to 13 tags and it’s recommended to utilize them all to appear in more searches.

Here are some advices that you need to remember when using Etsy tags:

  • Don’t use the same tags twice. If you offer men hat, for instance, you shouldn’t use both “men hat” and “male hat.” Instead, use a range of tags like “men hat” and “boy cap” to bring your products in front of more vendors.
  • Use a tag that is not present in the attributes. You don’t need to add a tag for “Chinese pattern washi” if you previously said that you are selling Chinese pattern washi in your item’s attributes.
  • Avoid using misspellings or plurals in your tags. When a user performs a query, Etsy checks for root words and redirects users who make typical spelling errors.
  • Don’t include tags in various languages. When setting up your store, just use the language you chose. Listings will be translated for you by Etsy.

When coming up with tags, think about words that customers would use to search for your product. Consider as well how regional variations may influence the way buyers look for products.

Update shop listing regularly

The search algorithm on Etsy is influenced by recency. A new listing receives a minor, transitory boost in search results when it is created. In order to evaluate the listing’s quality score, the Etsy search needs to know more about how customers engage with it.

Updating your shop regularly can help you in boosting your rank
Updating your shop regularly can help you in boosting your rank (Source: Internet)

Despite Etsy’s warning that constantly renewing or re-listing your products is not a good long-term SEO strategy, it may occasionally be beneficial to do so. For instance, it can probably give your item an extra push if the optimized keyword is competitive, especially during periods when more people are browsing on Etsy and looking for products.

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Promote your shop to get inbound links

The search engine algorithms and the algorithm used by Etsy both aim to deliver relevant and engaging search results. One method is presenting pages or listings that regularly link to other websites.

Even though you can link your Etsy store to your website or blog, it’s beneficial to look for additional linking chances. High-qualified inbound links from popular websites help you rank higher.

Make sure customer have good experience

Etsy wants to give customers the best buying experience, therefore the marketplace examines whether a shop complies with Etsy standards and delivers outstanding customer support. These elements will raise the possibility that their listings will appear higher in search results.

Both Etsy and us want to bring user good experience
Both Etsy and us want to bring user good experience (Source: Internet)

The quality of customer service you offer can potentially improve or negatively impact your store’s SEO. Good reviews and a boost in search ranking might result from rapid returns and exchanges, responding to customer questions, and handling critical comments. 

Provide competitive shipping cost

High delivery prices can put off customers and keep them from finishing their purchases. The cost of shipments has been defined by Etsy as a ranking criteria, thus setting competitive shipping charges, even “free shipping,” can improve your position in the results.

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Frequently asked questions about Etsy SEO

Are there any fundamental guidelines or standards for Etsy SEO?

Research and utilize keywords that customers probably intend to use. Fill keywords liberally throughout the text and in the title. This is a fundamental requirement if you want to be found on Google, Etsy, and any other search engine.

How frequently should keywords be updated?

When you locate keywords that are ideal for your listings, just keep them on! Change your keywords only when you discover better ones. On Etsy, there are many sellers who haven’t updated their keyword phrases in years.

You don't need to change your keywords if they are doing well
You don’t need to change your keywords if they are doing well (Source: Internet)

We hope these Etsy SEO tips and tactics will help you establish a strong foundation for your business. Share this Etsy SEO guide with other Etsy sellers if you think they’ll find it useful. Don’t forget to read more informative articles on EverRanks.


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