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Google Ads Updates: Focusing on those who click on in app ads

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7 Oct 2022

Google Ads is releasing updates to help app marketers generate more money from in-app advertising. You can now specifically target people who are interested in clicking on your in-app advertisements using Google Ads App Campaigns. Target ROAS for ad revenue, also known as TROAS for ad revenue, is the latest targeting option.

Advertisers may now make more money from their app campaigns thanks to new Google Ads targeting options.

The New Process of Creating Google Ads

changes to help app marketers generate more money
Focusing on those who click on in app ads (Source: Internet)

Google said in the announcement:

“This is an update to the Target Return on Ad Spend, or tROAS bid strategy, which is recommended if you are seeking a specific Return on Ad Spend from your App campaigns. If you have an Android app using the Google Analytics for Firebase SDK conversion reporting, you can calculate tROAS by passing a dynamic revenue value from in-app events in Google Analytics to Google ads, in order to improve the average dollar value you want back for every dollar spent on user acquisition.”

The possibility that a user will click an ad in your app while employing TROAS for ad income determines the amount of money you spend on advertisements.

Requirements and implementation

If you want to use tROAS for ad revenue, work with your developer to submit all AdMob or third-party ad revenue data to Google Analytics for bidding.

Why? Because Google Analytics’ third-party ad revenue feature enables you to import income from your monetization platform for tROAS bidding.

To submit the Google Analytics ad impression event to Google Ads, you must additionally link your Google Analytics property to Google Ads.

If these conditions are satisfied, you can put this new targeting capability into practice by setting TROAS for app campaign ad revenue and choosing the ad impression event to maximize ad revenue.

Google Ads updates
Google Ads Updates (Source: Internet)

The most recent details on Google Ads updates are listed above. I hope the information in the article below is helpful.

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