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The New Process of Creating Google Ads

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21 Sep 2022

With a new procedure that requires fewer steps, creating Google advertising with extensions is now simpler.

The new process of creating Google Ads
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Google is rolling out several updates designed to streamline the ad creation process with multiple extensions.

Sitelinks and lead forms, two types of ad extensions, can significantly increase click-through rates. Google reports internal data demonstrating a 20% boost in advertiser click-through rates when four sitelinks are present in search advertising.

The fact that handling advertisements and extensions necessitates another step is an issue for advertisers who are short on time.

Campaigns with extensions can now be created in a single procedure.

Additionally, later in this article you will see “ad extensions” called “assets”. This is because Google is introducing new terminology.

Price “extensions” will now be price “assets,” and sitelink “extensions” will now be sitelink “content.”

The format of the content remains unchanged.

The way the content functions has not been altered. The name is the only distinction. Learn more about the evolution of advertising creation.

New workflow for search campaigns & maximum performance

You’ll see an extra step before your final evaluation when you establish a campaign to maximize search and performance: advertisements and content.

You can include a variety of assets relevant to your campaign goals in this step, including photos, sitelinks, pricing, lead forms, and more.

Google now offers recommendations based on your goals if you’re unsure of which content is valuable to use.

Does Google Helpful Content Update Change Rankings?

New workflow for search campaigns & maximum performance
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The preview tool allows you to see how your assets will look in search results as you add them.

Google Helpful Content Update Is Now Complete

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The first-time content produced using this new approach will be accessible when utilizing it with other campaigns and ad groups.

The automated migration of existing extensions to content keeps account, campaign, and ad group level associations.

A new report for Google Ads content

Monitor content performance in the new “Ads & Content” menu.

Clicking on the content will take you to a page where you can switch between the content and the link in the drop-down menu.

Google Answers: Does Adding Content Daily Improve Rankings?

A new report for Google Ads content
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The “assets” table view displays the title and description, and the “links” table view displays asset information such as images and prices.

See how your content is performing at the account, campaign, and ad group levels, and filter the results by content type.

Finally, the mix report shows the best performing content mix.

Updated Google Ads reporting and workflows, with the exception of combined reports, will be available in the coming weeks.

Google says the combined report will be rolling out over the next few months.

Google Ads reports and workflows have been updated and will be available next week with the exception of out of date reports.

Google says a consolidated report will be available in the coming months. Follow EverRanks – our SEO company for the latest updates.


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