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Google Algorithm Updates Cause Wild Google Ranking Swings

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6 Oct 2022
Google Algorithm Updates Cause Wild Google Ranking Swings
Google Algorithm Updates Cause Wild Google Ranking Swings (Source: Internet)

Wild Google Algorithm Updates Cause Wild Google Ranking Swings? SEOs have had a very busy time with all of the different Google search ranking algorithm updates over the last few weeks. While most sites are unlikely to see large swings. Glenn Gabe documented a site that experienced multiple major ranking changes! Let’s find out some issues with EverRanks!

The issue

Glenn Gabe made a tweet and wrote:

“If you want a great example of machine learning models having a hard time figuring out a site, look no further. This site drops & surges around major updates, including several Product Reviews Updates. And just dropped AGAIN with the Sep PRU late tremor. Stay tuned. More to come.”

Here’s the Search Console graph for the example site with those insane swings:

Glenn Gabe made a tweet and wrote
Google Algorithm Updates (Source: Internet)

Glenn continued:

“I just started digging in, but clearly Google is having a hard time understanding what the site does, if it should be classified as a product review site (it probably should…), & if it should rank at all. Like others impacted, the site dropped off a cliff for some queries…”

It is unusual to see such movement from one site in such a short period of time, but when it occurs, it leaves you speechless.

It’s also perplexing that Google would have algorithms that compete with one another. When sites are on the verge of Google’s quality threshold, different algorithms judge them differently. Let’s keep an eye on EverRanks for any surprises in Google’s new algorithm in the near future.  Don’t forget to follow our SEO company for more SEO/SEM services.

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