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Google Business Profiles bug causes reviews to vanish

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19 Nov 2022

There have been many reports of businesses losing their reviews accumulated over time in their Google Business Profile listings. The problem relates to Google automatically using suggested edits from the web, which can result in the creation of a new CID for that business listing, disassociating the reviews from that business listing. As a result, when you look at the business listing on Google, you will notice that the reviews have vanished.

Google’s Panda algorithm developed to the Coati algorithm

Google is storing missed reviews in multiple business profiles
Google is storing missed reviews in multiple business profiles (Source: Internet)

The report of Google Business Profiles bug

Mike Blumenthal referred to the issues in greater detail when he recorded numerous cases of businesses having their different reviews disappear from their profiles on Google. Mike said Google is changing and fixing the business listing CIDs, a unique identifier when the proposed edits are automatically used. Because of this change, reviews are stuck with the old CID and are not moved to the new CID.

Reviews disappear on Google Business Profiles 

When a new CID is created, Google does not move the reviews to that CID, so all of the reviews appear to be removed from the business profile listing. In reality, the reviews remain, but only on the old business profile listing, not the new one.

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What can you do to address this problem?

As Mike suggested, you should capture and document your old CID by using Gatherup’s Google Review Link Generator chrome extension or Pleper’s free Google CID converter. Take screenshots or save your reviews in databases, some people even save the emails received from Google Business Profiles along with the reviews.

If it happens, you can notify Google that your CID has changed and your reviews have not been migrated. Google can either restore your old CID or, if you’re lucky, transfer the reviews.

The best thing is to update emails you received about the proposed edits or reject them if they aren’t correct. 

Google has noticed this issue and is now working on a fix
Google has noticed this issue and is now working on a fix (Source: Internet)

Why do we care about reviews on Google Search or Maps?  

Reviews about your local listings are the lifeblood of your local Google Search or Maps business. A lot of searchers look for the reviews before contacting the business, many see read before booking and moving to your locations. Moreover, some suggest reviews play an important role in Google search rankings. If the reviews disappear, it is considered as a giant loss for the business.

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This article has shown you a Google Business Profiles bug causing many companies’s reviews to disappear. We hope that this information will be helpful to you. Don’t forget to follow and read more news updated continually at EverRanks!

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