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Google Search implements new spam policy: Policy circumvention

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24 Nov 2022

The new spam policy, called “Policy circumvention”, has been added by Google to its search spam regulations. In brief, Google may take action on your content, site, or account if you figure out a way to circumvent the current spam detection procedures.

Google releases a new document on more notable ranking systems

Google Search releases new spam policy: Policy circumvention
Google Search releases new spam policy: Policy circumvention (Source: Internet)

The new policy

Google announced the new policy, you can read more at Google Search Central.

New statement about Policy circumvention from Google Search Central
New statement about Policy circumvention from Google Search Central (Source: Internet)

What is a policy circumvention? 

It is similar to any action you do to bypass the other Google Search spam or content regulations. This consists of making new websites, utilizing current websites or other methods to divide the content, such as through third-party websites or other avenues.

The penalty

According to Google, if you disobey this new policy, Google may limit or delete the content from showing up in search results or for certain search features.


Understanding Google’s spam and content policies are required before performing SEO and other marketing services on Google Search. This is a new policy, but its fundamental logic matches most of the previously published Google Search spam policies. In short, do not attempt to manipulate Google Search’s ranking algorithms; if you do, your site will be eliminated or degraded in Google Search.

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