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Google releases a new document on more notable ranking systems

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23 Nov 2022

Google published a new help document describing more “notable” ranking systems that have been implemented by Google over the years. Some of them are still being used while others are no longer in use on Google Search. Here is a short summary of the document A Guide to Google Search ranking systems.

Google Panda Algorithm developed to Coati Algorithm

Google releases a new document on more notable ranking systems
Google releases a new document on more notable ranking systems (Source: Internet)

Ranking systems that are in use

According to the document, these are “notable” ranking systems that are currently in use at Google Search. Each ranking system also goes with a brief explanation provided by Google. Be aware that some of these are single systems and others are multiple systems.

  • BERT
  • Crisis Information systems
  • Deduplication systems
  • Freshness system
  • Exact match domain system
  • Helpful content system
  • Local news system
  • Original content system
  • Removal-based demotion systems (consists of legal removals and personal information removals)
  • Passage ranking system
  • Page experience system
  • Product reviews system
  • Reliable information systems
  • Spam detection systems
  • Site diversity system
  • MUM
  • RankBrain
  • Link analysis systems and PageRank
  • Neural matching

Ranking systems that are no longer in use

These outdated ranking systems are either no longer in use or integrated into new ones. Like how the previous page speed system was replaced by the new page experience system: 

  • Mobile-friendly ranking system
  • Hummingbird
  • Panda system
  • Penguin system
  • Page speed system
  • Secure site system

Why should you know about this guide from Google?

This new document from Google is beneficial for identifying which larger ranking systems are still in use and which are no longer. This list is also helpful for understanding how each system is utilized, how Google defines it, and what it means for Google Search.

In conclusion, EverRanks hope the article “Google releases a new document on more notable ranking systems” has provided you with useful information. If you want to learn more about Google’s updates or SEO news, keep following us at EverRanks.

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