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Google Rolls Out New Search Labels For Coupons & Promos

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4 Nov 2022

Google is updating some shopping search results with many new labels, stress coupons or promotions, as well as the ability to compare prices from different multiple retailers. According to a new survey by Google, 43% of Americans are planning to find deals or sales more than last year. Google is a central part of the shopping experience for US clients. On average, 60% say that they have used Google properties for shopping for two days. To help people find some items they want to try at the best available prices, Google is carrying out new search labels.

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Google Rolls Out New Search Labels For Coupons & Promos
Google Rolls Out New Search Labels For Coupons & Promos (Source: Internet)

New Google Search Labels For Coupons & Promos

Google is rolling out a promotion badge in the search results on each item that can offer a discount applying a coupon code, like “15% off with coupon code FUNNY FRIDAYS”. 

Moreover, a new coupon removing feature allows searchers to save different promo codes when they really want to buy. 

The worth noting is that Bing fought Google to the punch with a feature, because Bing added the coupon codes to search results in August. However, each company carrying out the feature is distinctive.

New Google Search Labels For Coupons & Promos
New Google Search Labels For Coupons & Promos (Source: Internet)

Compare Deals Side By Side

Google’s data indicates that shoppers do different actions on this website. In 2022, more than 50% of US shoppers went shopping on multiple websites before making a decision about what or where to buy. 

A new tool in Google search results makes it easier to view all deals across retailers. For instance, if you find “Women’s coat”, Google will show a side-by-side comparison of available choices in the SERPs.

Compare Deals Side By Side
Compare Deals Side By Side (Source: Internet)

Price Insights

Google’s price insights function will show search results to help people make multiple informed buying decisions. Price insights makes you see different prices across retailers and whether the price is low or high based on historical factors.

Price Insights
Price Insights (Source: Internet)

In conclusion, these features about search labels for coupons and promos will roll out in time for the holiday shopping time. EverRanks wishes each person will experience the best choice with the higher discount.

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