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Google Search Console Announces For max-image-preview

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27 Oct 2022

Last week, Google started to send some new notices via Google Search Console about different ways to boost an image on Google. The notice says that “using max-image-preview robots meta tag on the search-eligible images on the site”. The max-image-preview is a little few years old, we could cover it here and it can let you specify the maximum size of an image preview to show for images on this page. You don’t choose “none, standard, large” size.

The email Google sends reads:

Google Search Console Announces For max image preview
Source: Internet

Google continued to identify that you don’t apply the max-image-preview robots meta tag to the search-eligible images on the site. Not this tag, the images will only appear in a thumbnail size on Google (consisting of Google web search, Google Images, and Assistant…)

Especially, if you want to enable the large image previews on each surface for the image, you can do so by using the following tag once in the head section of the image host page:

So it is a screenshot I want to show you:

Source: Internet

Google Images best practices: Create a great user experience

To boost the content’s visibility in Google Images, you should focus on providing a great user experience. You make pages primarily for the users, not for search engines. There are some tips for you to address in Google Search Console:

  • Provide good context: To ensure that the visual content is clear, and relevant to the topic of this page. We suggest that you show an image only when it brings an original value to the page. We discourage pages when the images or the text is original content.
  • Optimize placement: It is possible, to place images near the clear text. When it creates sense, consider placing the important image near the top of the page.
  • Don’t embed important text inside images: Avoid embedding text in the images, especially important text elements such as page headings, and menu items. Because no users access them and page translation tools are not working on images. So to ensure maximum accessibility to search, you should keep text in HTML and also provide ALT text for each image.
  • Create informative and high-quality sites: Content on the webpage is important as Google Search Console. It can provide context, making the result actionable. The page content is used to create a text snippet for an image, and Google examines the page content quality when ranking the images.
  • Create a good URL structure for your images: Google applies the URL path as well as the file name to support understanding the images. Consider organizing the image content so that URLs are logical.

To sum up, Google Search Console Notices for using max-image preview could optimize the user’s experience, create a visibility image, and especially don’t embed important text inside images. Please follow EverRanks to read more articles about various topics. 


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