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Google Search fixed a bug with some features that may impact your site’s visibility

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8 Nov 2022

Google confirmed that it has fixed a bug that could affect some different search features, such as the top stories section. The bug was “noticeable” between October 18th and 19th, and was edited around 28th. Google Search said that the bug fix would take some weeks to roll out fully. In this article, we will discuss a bug with different features and top stories. 

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The bug was “noticeable” between October 18th and 19th
The bug was “noticeable” between October 18th and 19th (Source: Internet)

What happened

It is unclear exactly what the bug was, besides there was a bug with “different search features”, including some top stories sections, as well as other search features. Afterward, Google posted this issue in a data anomalies Search Console report. Google wrote on October 28th, the search performance report was impacted due to the bug.  

Google wrote: “Google published a fix to a bug that primarily affected many search features, such as Top Stories, and that could become most noticeable from October 18th to 19th. The bug fix will take a week to fully roll out.” 


We asked Google for many details but have yet to hear back, so we came up with multiple theories about what this bug was. Google mentioned top stories specifically but we still noticed that Google had issues with different search features, like many people ask and local the pack results, amongst others, only appear sometimes in the Google Search results listings.

Stay tuned

We hope to get multiple detailed statements from Google about the issue and if or when we do, we can update the story.

Why we care

This bug has temporarily affected the traffic and visibility in Google Search. It has resulted in fewer impressions or clicks in Google Search. Google fixed some issues but you can see things rebound specifically to the issue in the upcoming days and weeks.

To sum up, this is all information EverRanks wants to share with users about Google Search fixing a bug with top stories and search features. Please follow EverRanks to update various news about Google and interesting stories in the world. 

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