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Google Search On 22: 10 Biggest Announcements

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30 Sep 2022

Here’s a rundown of the most significant changes from Google Search On 22 (2022), including Multisearch, Lens, autocomplete, search filters, and more.

Google Search On 22: 10 Biggest Announcements
At the Search On 22 event, Google announced several new features

Google announced a number of new features for Google Search, Google News, Google Shopping, and other services at the Search On 22 event today. Let’s go over some of the features that Google mentioned today.

Unlike the previous Search On events, this one appeared to be more focused on minor features rather than Google announcing a major breakthrough in search. As with previous announcements concerning BERT, MUM, and other AI-based advancements in Google Search.

1. Multisearch expanding

In the coming months, Google will expand multisearch to 70 new languages. Google launched multisearch for English and US-based queries last year.

What exactly is Google multisearch? Google multisearch allows you to search for images using Google Lens on your camera’s phone and then add a text query on top of the image search. Google will then show you visual search results based on both the image and the text query.

This is how Google multisearch works. On Android or iOS, open the Google app and tap the Google Lens camera icon on the right side of the search box. Then point the camera at something nearby, use a photo from your camera, or even take a screenshot of something on your screen. Then, to bring it up, swipe up on the results and tap the “+ Add to your search” button. You can add text to your photo query in this box.

2. Multisearch near me coming soon

Google previewed multisearch near me at Google I/O last year, and the feature will be available in English and US search results in the coming months. Google has stated that it will launch in the late fall of 2022.

Multisearch for what is near me. The near me feature allows you to zoom in on those image and text queries by searching for products or anything else using your camera, as well as finding local results. So, if you want to find a restaurant that serves a particular dish, you can.

3. Google Lens translated text is now cleaner

Google Lens is a lot of fun, and it allows you to point your camera at text in almost any setting and translate it. Google Lens will now present that translated text in a cleaner and more blended format. This will be available later this year.

To improve the presentation of the translated text, Google employs generative adversarial networks, also known as GAN models. It’s the same technology that Google uses in Pixel devices for the “Magix Eraser” photo feature.

Here’s an example of how Google Lens overlays the translation to make it easier for searchers to understand:

Google Search On 22
Google Search On 22 (Source: Internet)

4. Google iOS App shortcuts

The Google Search app for iOS will now include shortcuts to help users search, translate, use voice search, translate, upload screenshots, and more. Here’s an example of some of those shortcuts in action:

Google Core & Product Review Updates Finish The Rollout

10 Biggest Announcements
Source: Internet

While it is available today in the United States for iOS users, it will be available for Android later this year.

5. New Search refinements

Google is also introducing new search refinements and aids for searching in autocomplete and within search results. Google will now present tappable words as you type your query, allowing you to build your query on the fly. This is a query generator that works by tapping on words.

Google’s September 2022 Product Review Algorithm Update is Now Available

introducing new search refinements
Source: Internet

As you type, richer information will appear in the autocomplete results.

Google also allows you to refine your query after you search by adding or removing topics you want to zoom into or out of. It allows you to drill down into what you’re looking for by making the top search bar more dynamic.

Here’s an example of that top bar with refinements:

At the Search On 22 event
Source: Internet

6. More visual information

Google is displaying a more visually designed approach to search results for some queries. This allows you to learn more about topics such as travel, people, animals, and plants.

Depending on the query, Google will display visual stories, short videos, tips, things to do, and more. In this UX, Google will also visually highlight the more relevant information.

Google Answers: Should Stop Words Be Used in URLs?

Google will display visual stories
Source: Internet

7. Explore as you scroll

The more you scroll through the Google Search results, the less relevant the results become. That makes sense; Google should put the most relevant information at the top.

So Google has added a new explore feature to inspire searchers but not with results that exactly match their query.

Searchers can use the new explore feature to learn about topics that are related to their original query.

This will be available in the coming months for English and US results.

Google Search results
Source: Internet

8. Discussion and forums

Today, Google Search may include a section for “discussions and forums” for U.S. users. Results in English This is to assist people in locating first-hand experiences from people on the topic in various online discussion forums, including Reddit but not limited to a single forum platform.

This is what it looks like:

Google Search
Source: Internet

9. Translated local and international news

Google will launch a way to find translated news coverage for both local and international news stories early next year. Google Search will display translated headlines for news results from publishers in other languages using machine translation.

This will provide you with “authoritative reporting from journalists” from the country affected by that specific news story.

Here’s an example of “translated by Google” near the headlines:

Translated local and international news
Source: Internet

10. About this result displays personalization

Google is also expanding the About this result feature to show whether or not personalization is used.

Google will now indicate whether or not the search results are personalized in any way. Furthermore, Google will allow you to disable or change personalization.

So, if you say you prefer a specific department or brand, Google will let you configure that within the new shopping features.

According to the description, this result has been “personalized for you.”

About this result displays personalization
Source: Internet

And here is the personalization feature for the shopping results, which we discussed in depth here.

Source: Internet

EverRanks has compiled the 10 Biggest Announcements from Google Search On 22. Keep an eye out for useful changes in the near future.

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