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Google Wonders Backlinks – A Ranking Factor Will Drop

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5 Nov 2022

In a live session at Brighton SEO, Google Search Advocate John Mueller makes predictions about the future of backlinks. Please follow this article to clearly understand.

Mueller makes a prediction of Backlinks – A ranking factor.

Mueller with fellow Google Lizzi Sassman and another guest Myriam Jessier, offers some questions during a live recording of the Search Off The Record podcast.

Because it is a podcast, the question could be addressed as a group discussion. The hosts could answer pre-selected questions rather than contacting the live audience. Together, the hosts give an answer to a question about “How Google penalizes backlinks”

“As an SEO, we are interested in backlinks. However, working on the backlinks becomes a gray area in parts of link schemes. What are the main criteria of Google for penalizing backlinks?”

After some funny discussions between the hosts, Mueller has a direct answer to the question. It is a little different from the original question.

Google representatives are careful and limited when answering questions regarding ranking or fine criteria.

In general, Google discourages some forms of unnatural link-building. Giving too many details about the penalties could encourage bad behavior or walk a line between what’s acceptable and what is not.

Instead of speaking about the penalties, Mueller discusses the backlink ranking factor in general and why it can become less necessary for SEO professionals in the near future.

Google Wonders Backlinks
Google Wonders Backlinks – A Ranking Factor Will Drop? (Source: Internet)

Google’s John Mueller On The Backlinks Ranking Signal

When Google becomes more adept at understanding how content can fit in with the rest of the website, Mueller suggests Google’s Algorithm isn’t suitable for inbound links.

Mueller says: “Well, it is a thing where I can imagine, during that time, the weight on different links at multiple points will decrease a little bit. Because we can figure out better how the content can fit in within the context of a whole web”.

Perhaps this is Mueller’s way of saying the penalties aren’t worth worrying about because the backlinks aren’t as valuable to gain in the near future. However, suggesting backlinks are helpful for understanding content disregards all the information they want to communicate.

A backlink profile tells you more about a website, such as the content for which it is very trusted by others, who it is trusted by, and how authoritative the site is in a particular niche. So, is Google capable of determining all information from the on-page content or not?

Mueller doesn’t speak to the authority aspect of the inbound links, although he says they will continue to be helpful to Google for content search.

Mueller continues to say:

“And to some extent, links will be something that we can care about because we should find pages somehow. It is similar to how you find a page on the web without some reference to it? But my guess is that over time, it will not be as big a factor as it is today. I think that is something that has changed a little bit.”

To sum up, this is all information about Google Advocate Mueller’s’s forecast of the strength of google wonders backlinks on the website. If you still hesitate, please contact and follow EverRanks to update the newest knowledge about a giant Google. 


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