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Grammarly vs Turnitin vs Quetext: Compare Differences and Reviews

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20 May 2023
Grammarly vs. Turnitin vs. Quetext

In the previous article, I provided a detailed introduction on using the Grammarly tool for checking plagiarism. In this article, I will compare the features of Grammarly with two other famous plagiarism checkers: Turnitin and Quetext.

Let’s explore the differences in the following article!

1. Grammarly vs. Turnitin vs. Quetext: Comparing the ability to check plagiarism

1.1. Turnitin vs Quetext: English Text

I have summarized some notable characteristics when testing the ability to check plagiarism in English texts using Quetext and Turnitin.

Grammarly vs Turnitin vs Quetext (1)
Quetext text plagiarism check results

Using the exact text, I checked it on Turnitin (using the Turnitin Student package):

Grammarly vs Turnitin vs Quetext (2)
Plagiarism check results on Turnitin account for the same text (just checked on Quetext)

Turnitin has a disadvantage: if not configured correctly, the plagiarism percentage is very high from the second check onwards for the exact text. (I have found a solution to set it up to check plagiarism multiple times on Turnitin without encountering the issue mentioned above.)

Evaluation of plagiarism check results between Turnitin and Quetext.

Similarities: Besides English, both Quetext and Turnitin can check many language texts.

Both tools provide detailed plagiarism analysis results, highlighting copied sources and duplicated content.


Plagiarism ResultsLower plagiarism percentageHigher plagiarism percentage
Source CitationsLess reliableMore reliable
Table comparing the ability to check plagiarism of English content between Quetext and Turnitin

Plagiarism Results: The most significant difference is that Turnitin provides much higher plagiarism percentages than Quetext. Turnitin even detects tiny shares of plagiarism (1%) and sometimes considers the scanned content plagiarism. On the other hand, Quetext ignores nominal rates and only scans extensively duplicated content. As a result, this leads to significant discrepancies in the results and can confuse authors when editing their content.

Tip: In Turnitin, users can set up exclusion notes for the tool using the filtering feature, which helps eliminate insignificant instances of plagiarism and obtain more objective and accurate results.

Source Citations: Quetext and Turnitin provide source citations for the plagiarized content. However, the source citations in Turnitin seem more reliable and accurate than Quetext’s. Nevertheless, both tools highlight similar duplicated content.

Speed: With a text length of around 600 words, Quetext takes about 2-3 minutes to produce results, while Turnitin only takes 30 seconds to 1 minute. If the text is more extensive, Quetext will take longer to scan the content than Turnitin.

Conclusion: When comparing the ability to check plagiarism in English, both Quetext and Turnitin have their advantages and disadvantages. However, overall, both tools provide similar results. Quetext is considered more suitable for students, while Turnitin is a better choice for teachers and businesses.

1.2. Grammarly Premium vs. Quetext: Comparing the ability to check plagiarism

Grammarly is widely known as a grammar checking tool. Additionally, the Grammarly Premium version supports plagiarism checking. See more GrammalyGO version can help the copywriters complete marketing task list very well.

Grammarly vs Turnitin vs Quetext (3)
Quetext’s English text plagiarism check results

Using the exact text, I utilized the plagiarism checking feature on Grammarly and obtained the following results:

Grammarly vs Turnitin vs Quetext (4)
Grammarly Premium’s English plagiarism check results

Similarities: Both Quetext and Grammarly highlight duplicated content and provide attached links to the sources of that information.


Plagiarism ResultsHigher accuracy in plagiarism percentageLower accuracy in plagiarism percentage
Source CitationsMore reliableLess reliable
Table comparing the ability to check plagiarism of English content between Quetext and Grammarly

Plagiarism Results: Quetext and Grammarly Premium produce significantly different plagiarism results. When looking at the plagiarism percentage in Grammarly, it isn’t essential, indicating that the content is highly unique. On the other hand, Quetext detects a substantial amount of duplicated content. This drawback of Grammarly leads to distorted results, making it difficult for users to determine which content is unique and needs revision.

Source Citations: In this aspect, Quetext still holds an advantage by accurately identifying many relevant sources related to the duplicated content, while Grammarly only provides 1-2 sources, which could be more reliable.

Speed: With a text length of approximately 1400 words, Grammarly Premium takes around 30 seconds to 1 minute, whereas Quetext takes longer, around 3-4 minutes. Although Grammarly appears to scan the content faster than Quetext, Quetext may perform more thorough cross-referencing, leading to longer waiting times.

2. Which plagiarism checker to choose? Turnitin, Quetext, or Grammarly?

After comparing the ability to check plagiarism in English between Quetext and Grammarly, objectively speaking, Quetext has better plagiarism checking capabilities as it provides more accurate results compared to Grammarly Premium. However, users can still use Grammarly to check grammar, make the content more unique, and tailor the writing style to the appropriate context.

Above is a quick comparison of Quetext’s plagiarism checking abilities for English content compared to two other tools: Turnitin and Grammarly Premium. Through this article, I hope everyone can choose an effective and suitable marketing tool according to their needs and purposes.


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