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How brand marketing helps improve E-A-T signals: An introduction

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11 Nov 2022

If you approach SEO from a non-marketing and technical background, it is beneficial to have a broader knowledge of brand marketing. This can help you better ally with the marketing communications colleagues to improve your website E-A-T.

In this article, we will share some core brand marketing principles and also how they are reflected in criteria that positively demonstrate expertise, trustworthiness and loyalty.

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Why SEOs should care about brand marketing

EverRanks provides the extensive E-A-T auditing process that the agency uses. The process was varied and detailed, covering the evaluation of work that is out of control. This process consists of:

  • Determine Goals
  • Identify KPIs
  • Organize your content audit template
  • Gather data
  • Assess content
  • Make recommendations

For example, one of some checkpoints is to determine the business’s key people to watch:

  • How they are promoted and introduced on the site
  • How much of their work, patents or research is displayed and validated through many linked references.

Representing and referencing important people, especially media-trained spokespeople, is a remit of the PR team and agency.

If you still work for a small and micro organization, or you are an owner-operator, perhaps all aspects of marketing communications belong to you.

In either case, it is important to understand some basics of brand marketing and how mid to large-sized brands behave. You can make sure that different outputs of brand marketing are communicated in a way that Google processes and evaluates.

Finally, while some aspects of the work can help validate the E-A-T are not under your control, you apply this topic to internal education efforts about what SEO is and how it can harness some efforts of the marketing teams.

You should explain to the colleagues how their work has purposes and benefits outside their main goals. So this is a perfect opportunity to coordinate a broad project, drive awareness of SEO benefits in a more accessible manner and implement meaningful improvements for the businesses.

brand marketing helps improve E-A-T signals
Brand marketing helps improve E-A-T signals (Source: Internet)

Let’s determine some principles and commonalities of good brand marketing behaviors so you develop this approach for yourself or understand how different teams work dovetail into your E-A-T SEO goals.

How can brand marketing be leveraged to grow E-A-T?

In a simple understanding, brand marketing is about creating and marketing tangible assets. Assets are understood to be different entities by search engines.

Entities are marked up with schema, linked to and referenced to contribute to a growing dataset of tangibles.

It is entity SEO that has increasingly been in focus this year when the rate of progress in joining some strands of entity, quality or complex semantic is evident with MUM.

When it comes to brand marketing, all brand assets (which can be considered as people, marks, vision, slogans, and colors) have the potential to become entities. So let’s see it as a step-by-step process imagining we are a startup.

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All brand assets have the potential to become entities
All brand assets have the potential to become entities (Source: Internet)

1. Create or evaluate all marketable assets

These are a summation of identity components, vision, values, key people and assets. 

If you are a startup, this is an exciting time to experience these things with founding member energy.

If not, it is never late to work to determine aspects of who you are as a business and even why you do what you are interested in.

2. Assets become entities

Every asset defined, named and referenced consistently over time becomes an entity. It has been a long time since Google understood Metaweb in 20210, which could facilitate a giant change in Google named entity recognition capabilities.

When the assets are understood as entities, Google clearly understands when a search user refers to the asset as opposed to a word or phrase in different contexts.

Entities get more real estate on the SERP, particularly if it is exclusive like trademark, invention or individual.

Especially in many cases, you own the entire first page for the own entities, even if it combines with a mix of owned and controlled versus not owned but operated. 

3. Entities can be marked up

Structured data becomes a new rule 34 of the web. If it can exist, there is a schema for it. Adding semantic markup helps you deeply understand. It contextualizes the object in a way that a query string doesn’t do.

While not critical to be understood as an entity, the markup process will accelerate time to trigger entity recognition. It is simple to carry out and is added via Google Tag Manager if development constraints have.

How does any of this contribute to E-A-T?

All things we discussed today are signals and indicators of a level of maturity or responsibility that some larger organizations should involve in our society.

These are brand behaviors that create trust in customers. Therefore, it can make logical sense that known brands which are suitable to match a query should rank highly in Google Search.

Better CTR means higher search engagement can lead to greater potential for paid ad clicks. Google, advertisers or search users will have a perfect experience.

To sum up, this is all information we want to share with users about brand marketing. EverRanks will help you update the newest things all over the world.

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