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How SEO and content marketing work together

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10 Nov 2022

To reach the best results, you shouldn’t do content marketing without evaluating how SEO fits in. In contrast, you shouldn’t do SEO without considering how content provides substance or connection to what matters to your audiences. SEO and content should go together so well.

Two bullets when combining SEO and content marketing

  • SEO boosts targeted and relevant traffic from Google Search. It is powerful as it can drive 1000% more traffic than organic social media. 
  • Content marketing builds trust and loyalty with many prospects. If you pay attention, most modern consumers do a diligent search before they purchase and make sure they like and trust the brand they have given their money. During the statistics, 55% of buyers rely on content for searching and making decisions more than they did a year ago.

In a nutshell, we can say that SEO and content marketing have a symbiotic relationship.

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What is content marketing?

Content marketing is to create, publicize and distribute online content (from multiple sources such as blogs, videos, ebooks and podcasts).

This type of content doesn’t aim to sell something or promote the brand, but rather educate, entertain and empower prospects. It can nurture their interest, trust and engagement so they finally become clients. 

What is SEO?

SEO or search engine optimization is a process of optimizing or improving a website (and website content) so it is visible in different search results, where people hunt for information, products, or services.

It can’t be told how necessary it is to appear in search engines these days, especially Google. Google Images, Google Maps and Google Search take over 92.96% of global traffic. If the website and pages rank highly, you will earn a good sign of that. 

How does SEO complement content marketing? (and vice versa?)

SEO and content marketing are similar in a yin and yang situation. One can improve the other and vice versa. 

With both, the results are more impressive and effective than using either alone. 

1. SEO drives organic traffic to nurture content

You can’t write content to get sucked into a black hole of the internet. You should write the content with the hopes that some bored readers will find it.

They associate these moments with the brand and the expertise, so it is formidable. Content which is not read is useless. If you want to succeed in your marketing, you need people reading it so it does its job nurturing leads.

One of the best ways to make sure the right eyes land on your content? Use SEO tactics to optimize it with different keywords your target searches for.

68% of website traffic comes from searches. So that means when someone in the world easily opens a browser, they will probably start their online session with a search. SEO helps attract the chunk of people who need you to nurture content.

Use SEO tactics to optimize with different keywords your target searches for
Use SEO tactics to optimize with different keywords your target searches for (Source: Internet)

2. SEO and content boost visibility and brand awareness

If you want to associate your name with different key industry terms, you should start showing up in their searches for terms with SEO. You start with funny content to answer their questions or reduce their pains.

The better you do, the higher the site or content will show up in different results. Finally, earning a top 5 spot in organic results in Google is the best chance for people to see your listing and click on it.

CTR or click-through rate is the percentage of people visiting a web page when clicking a specific link. The best CTRs on search engine results page belong to the top 5 search. 

The #1 Result in Google has the highest organic CTR
The #1 Result in Google has the highest organic CTR (Source: Internet)

3. SEO and content work together to improve user experience

SEO and content aren’t only about ranking in search engines or boosting traffic and leads. They also help to provide a better user experience to the audience across the website.

SEO has full of rules and guidelines that can govern:

  • How the website should be structured or optimized
  • How you approach building pages and content
  • How you link to other sites
  • The quality level you aim for

Moreover, it prohibits deceptive and manipulative behaviors that can aim to trick users and ranking systems.

19 Black Hat SEO techniques you need you avoid

Behaviors that aim to trick users and ranking systems can be called Black Hat SEO
Behaviors that aim to trick users and ranking systems can be called Black Hat SEO (Source: Internet)

Following different guidelines for the site and content not only ensures you will rank better but also helps your audience will have a better experience when they find you.

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And that can contribute to everyone’s goals: 

  • Search engines want users to find what they are looking for quickly and efficiently, and then they provide helpful and clear results.
  • Brands want prospects who can find them on Google to turn into customers – and there is a good chance of happening if a brand provides a better user experience from relevant, helpful content to a fast-loading site.

4. High-quality SEO content helps you gain better ranking

High-quality content helps your blog, articles, as well as your landing pages and sales pages, rise in the search rankings. In fact, content quality is one of the most important issues that influence your SEO success.

The content on your website:

  • Determines you are concerned with a user’s search query and whether you add value to their lives or waste their time
  • Influences how long they stay on the site
  • Provide evidence that they trust you

To sum up, this is all information EverRanks wants to share with users through the article about “How SEO and content marketing work together”. If you still wonder, please contact us and leave a comment on EverRanks website. 


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