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Updates to Google’s Image Structured Data

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14 Oct 2022

To make it simple to add credit, creator, and copyright information, Google modifies the criteria for picture structured data.

Three new structured data properties from Google are used by the ImageObject type to facilitate the addition of credit, copyright, and picture author information.

This is a step forward from earlier techniques based on IPTC picture metadata.

The standards organisation for the news media is called IPTC, or International Press Communications Council.

Some new features of Image Structured Data

You can add credit and license information to your images using IPTC metadata.

By integrating support for it with structured picture data, Google makes it simpler to submit this type of information to Google.

CreditText, Creator, and copyrightNotice are the three new structured data properties. CreditText honours people or organisations for their published creative works. Additionally, creators give CreativeWork authoring resources.

Updates to Google's Image Structured Data
Source: Internet

The copyright owner will have easier access to the work thanks to copyrightNotice. Users and artists both benefit greatly from Google. In order to better explain the recent modifications to the data upload procedure, Google has now published an example.

Creator and copyright info can now be easily and conveniently added to Google. The plugins make it simple to gradually implement this.

Users now find it simpler to upload their creations. Recent advancements not only simplify the process but also make it more practical in terms of technology. It also supports a wide variety of utilities.

For today’s users, including creators and credits is crucial. Google has totally revised their workflow for structured images. The exact same specifications have also been altered.

By adding data support, Google makes it simpler for you to access Google. Users can now take advantage of these new content creation updates.

According to Google’s developer support changelog:

Added support for image credits to the Image Metadata structured data documentation. Previously, you could only provide image credit information with IPTC photo metadata.

As you can see, this help document now discusses image credit frequently. For this information type, there was no indication of image credit in the prior version.

“When you specify image metadata, Google Images can show more details about the image, such as who the creator is, how people can use an image, and credit information.”

Here are 3 new structured data properties:

  • creditText
  • creator
  • copyrightNotice
Image Structured Data
Sample code (Source: Internet)

Examples of how structured data needs have changed


<script type = “application / ld + json”> 

“@context”: “https://schema.org/”, 

“@type”: “ImageObject”, 

“contentUrl”: “https://example.com /photos/1×1/black-labrador-puppy.jpg “, 

” license “:” https://example.com/license “, 

” getLicensePage “:” https://example.com/how-to-use-my -images ” 



<script type = “application / ld + json”> 

“@context”: “https://schema.org/”, 

“@type”: “ImageObject”, 

“contentUrl”: “https://example.com /photos/1×1/black-labrador-puppy.jpg “, 

” license “:” https://example.com/license “, 

” getLicensePage “:” https://example.com/how-to-use-my -images “, 

” creditText “:” Labrador PhotoLab “, 

” Creator “: { 

” @type “:” Person “, 

” name “:” Brixton Brownstone ” 


” copyrightNotice “:” Clara Kent ” 


EverRanks has compiled the necessary information about Image Structured Data above. Hopefully, you will be able to use them to implement methods that are truly suitable for bringing good results to your website.


Image metadata in Google Images
Image License in Google Images


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