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Keywordtool.io Review: Features, Pricing, Alternatives, Guide

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16 Apr 2023

What is Keywordtool.io? Keywordtool io is a practical SEO tool for checking and measuring keyword indexes on platforms like Google, Youtube, and Instagram. At the same time, Google keywordtool.io will help you optimize keywords according to your needs—Google search engine to help websites develop good content for effective Digital Marketing campaigns. Let’s learn about Keywordtool.io in detail through the sharing below. 

Keywordtool.io Review Features, Pricing, Alternatives, Guide

1. What Is Keywordtool.io?

Keywordtool.io is a keyword research tool based on the automatic features of Google Autocomplete. Keywordtool.io suggests long-tail keywords to help users search faster and strategize content for the website effectively.

Keywordtool.io provides all the features for users to measure keyword metrics on platforms such as Google, YouTube, Play Store, Instagram, Twitter, Amazon, Bing, and eBay.

With experts in Digital Marketing all understanding, if your website appears outside the TOP 10 in the user’s search list, there is minimal opportunity to reach that customer before deciding whether to buy. Or not. Furthermore, that is the effect of search engine optimization (What is SEO? – Search Engine Optimization) of SEOers.

What are the benefits of Keywordtool.io
What are the benefits of Keywordtool.io tool?

Especially with a new website, reaching users is always a “difficult problem.” However, if done, it will not only attract traffic and increase the number of potential customers with businesses through the website. 

Moreover, keywordtool.io is the primary tool for you to research keywords to optimize more effectively for the web while supporting many related keywords, long tail keywords. Keywordtool io currently has two versions: A free version and a paid version.

2. What Does Keywordtool.io Do For Your Website?

As an effective tool to analyze keyword indexes, keywordtool.io offers the following benefits:

Find and filter keywords

What are the main benefits of Keywordtool.io? It is impossible not to mention the keyword search and filter feature. Every day through the Keywordtool.io search engine, users can access many keywords and suggest many related keywords, from leading to long tail keywords. Select the right one for you.

Keywordtool.io will suggest keywords for you in 2 forms: Keyword Suggestions and Questions, with:

  • Keyword Suggestions to display a list of long-tail keywords that suggest short keywords.
  • Furthermore, Questions will display a list of keywords in the form of suggestions to answer questions to search for keywords for users.
Keywordtool.io will suggest keywords for you in 2 types Keyword Suggestions and Questions.
Keywordtool.io will suggest keywords for you in 2 types Keyword Suggestions and Questions

Check searches

Another benefit of this tool is that it can check the exact number of searches for one or many keywords. You need to enter a keyword into the search box, and the tool will automatically display the index, including the volume index, CPC index, and keyword competition.

Keywordtool.io SEO tool helps you measure many other SEO metrics
Keywordtool.io SEO tool helps you measure many other SEO metrics

Competitor Analysis

Keywordtool.io also helps users more proactively analyze and research competitors in the market and search engines. You need to enter your competitor’s domain or website into the search box, and the tool will display all results with information such as:

  • Main keywords and related keywords.
  • Number of keyword searches.
  • The trending trend of keywords.
  • The level of competition of the keyword.

Through these indicators and data, you can grasp the situation of SEO strategies that your competitors are implementing so that you can plan to improve keywords to deploy more effectively for your website.

View and export data

The tool also has a function that allows you to copy or export data to get a list of keywords and measurable indicators in Excel format for you to use to research and analyze SEO strategies.

Filter keywords by condition

This feature of Keywordtool.io will allow users to get a list of suitable keywords according to scope, conditions, and requirements, such as country, language, cost, searches, and trends.

3. How To Use Keywordtool.io For Keyword Research

To use the Keywordtool.io tool, you must first sign up for an account. How to register for the keyword tool and use this tool includes the following steps:

Step 1: Access the account registration link

Go to the main interface of the keywordtool.io tool by following the link https://keywordtool.io/.

Step 2: Enter the keyword you want to find in the search box

Then you use your account to log in, search, analyze, and get the data of thousands of related keywords without spending much time. 

Step 3: View the results and export the report

The results will include many indicators to help you research and analyze keywords, especially indicators such as: suggested primary and secondary keywords, CPC, search volume, Trends, Adwords competition, and Related keywords.

The results are based on the requirements and conditions you set up, such as Locations – country, Language – language, Network – affiliate network, and Currency – currency unit. Your job after having the results is to copy it, export it to an Excel file, and use all that data for work.

Meaning of metrics in Keywordtool.io

Search results with keywordtool.io will include the following indexes:

  • Keyword: List of keywords related to the entered SEO keyword
  • Search Volume: the number of searches in the last 30 days of keywords
  • Trend: Trends in keyword searches 
  • CPC – Cost Per Click: The cost paid to run ads
  • Keywords Competition: The keyword’s competition level on the search feature.

Notes when using Keywordtool.io

If your keywordtool.io tool is already pre-installed, you should use it without any worries. However, to get more accurate metrics, you need to set the following manually:

  • Select the search engine item as Google
  • Choose Google.com.vn: for SEO results based on the Google market in your country.
  • Select the language: Your language is used with more accurate keyword data.

4. Pros And Cons Of Keywordtool.io

Similar to many other metric analysis tools, Keywordtool.io also has its advantages and disadvantages when used, specifically as follows:


  • Users can research keywords without spending much effort and time.
  • Proactively will provide suggestions for users with a lot of related keywords.
  • Keyword results are accurately filtered, rich, and diverse.
  • Can extract and filter keywords according to user’s conditions and requirements easily.
  • There is a feature to extract data for you to use to develop and optimize content for the website.
  • How to register keywordtool.io is easy and free to use.


  • The free version will have limited categories.
  • The paid version is quite expensive compared to many other tools.
  • It does not support more advanced SEO features, such as: comparing domains and backlinks.

5. Price Of Keywordtool.io

The third tool, keywordtool.io, brings many benefits when used, but depending on the version and cost package, there will be appropriate features. The free version allows everyone to use many features. Although incomplete, it also benefits users. Keywordtool.io currently has free and paid versions as follows:

Keywordtool.io Pro plan $79 to 159$ per month
Keywordtool.io Pro plan $69 to 159$ per month

Pay fees plan

Currently, the paid keyword tool has three service packages for businesses and individuals who need to develop professional websites with the following reference prices:

Pro Basic plan $69/month

This Pro Basic package has the lowest cost, suitable for individuals or small businesses because it has statistical features, data analysis on Keywords, Search Volume, and Google Ads Competition, allowing to display 10,000 results per day. The number of keywords is more than two times, allowing competitor analysis with one user account.

Pro Plus plan $79/month

With this subscription, you can use the following features:

  • Cost-Per-Click Data.
  • Google Ads Competition Data Data.
  • With 50,000 keyword results/per day.
  • The opponent can analyze the results received.
  • Up to 5 accounts can be used for five users simultaneously.

Pro Business Plan $159/month

With this highest-cost package, you can use many features to support a professional SEOer, as follows:

  • Allow searching up to 100,000 related keyword results per day. 
  • Features CPC, provides Google Ads Competition data.
  • Can search and show the volume index of each keyword.
  • It has the feature of analyzing and researching competitors’ keywords.
  • Up to 50 APIs can be requested per day.
  • Up to 10 accounts can be used for analysis and research simultaneously.

If your business wants to invoice, the price will be slightly higher:

Keywordtool.io Pro plan $79 to 159$ per month with bill
Keywordtool.io Pro plan $69 to 159$ per month with bill

6. Alternative Keyword Research Tools


This tool also allows users to research statistics and search and analyze keyword trends and competitors to help users use the application to optimize the website or advertising campaign.


With a massive data warehouse, AHref is currently also an effective tool to support users in the best SEO services industry today with features such as:

  • Dashboard: displays the website’s development indicators 
  • Referring Pages: The number of sites that can be redirected.
  • Total Backlinks: The number of backlinks that redirect to the website
  • Referring IPs: The number of IPs redirected.

Google Keyword Planner

Often abbreviated as GKM, this tool created by Google allows users to operate in Adwords or digital marketing advertising campaigns domestically and globally.

Google Suggestion

Also, a tool of Google, especially a feature of Google search, suggests more keywords for users when they need to query and search. 

Google Trends

Another search engine developed by Google allows users to capture the search frequency, appearance of keywords or specific topics, and keyword phrases queried in any statistical time. 

With this search engine, you can know and analyze the most popular groups of keywords with the most significant search volume in query time.


Hopefully, the knowledge that the article presented above helps you better understand what Keywordtool.io is and related information about the advantages – disadvantages, costs, tools, and features of Keywordtool.io. This will be a helpful tool for SEOers or Marketers to implement projects, Digital Marketing campaigns and build their websites with high efficiency. Good luck!


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