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Google is Phasing Out Similar Audience Segments for Advertisers

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4 Nov 2022

As of May 2023, Google Ads and Display & Video 360 will no longer generate new similar audience segments, and existing segments will no longer be added to campaigns and ad groups. 

In August 2023, similar audience segments will be removed from all ad groups and campaigns. Learn more about what this means for your campaigns and how to prepare for the change.

The New Process of Creating Google Ads

What does this mean?

Google Ads similar audience segments to go away in August 2023
Google Ads similar audience segments to go away in August 2023 (Source: Internet)

This means more automation for advertisers! 

Google says that similar audience segments will transition to “more powerful, tested, privacy-centric automated solutions. These solutions help advertisers connect with relevant audiences while meeting people’s expectations for privacy.

We are committed to creating durable, resilient solutions for our advertisers to help them reach an engaged and relevant audience, even as fewer third-party cookies are available. Automation is a big part of this commitment.”

Google Ads Updates: Focusing on those who click on in app ads

Enter Optimized Targeting and Audience Expansion

Optimized Targeting is used for video, display discovery, and performance campaigns to replace similar audience segments. Audience Expansion is used for brand campaigns and expands your current audience reach.

Similar audiences are upgrading to more powerful and durable solutions in 2023
Similar audiences are upgrading to more powerful and durable solutions in 2023 (Source: Internet)

Optimized Targeting: For Discovery, Display, and Video action campaigns on Google Ads and Display & Video 360, optimized targeting can help businesses find new audiences that are relevant and likely to convert without relying on third-party cookies.

Google says: Advertisers who use Display and Video 360’s optimized targeting can see, on average, a 55% improvement while using first-party audiences.

Audience Expansion: If you’re looking to increase awareness or reach for your video campaigns, expanding your audience is a great way to reach more potential customers.

Availability: This solution will be available in Google Ads and will be launched for Display & Video 360 in the first half of 2023.

Things to know: When creating or updating your Smart Bidding and Optimized Targeting settings, keep the following features and best practices in mind.

  • Advertisers who want to use Customer Match lists for Smart Bidding or Optimized Targeting can still do so.
  • Use Smart Bidding for increased store sales and conversions from offline customers.
  • You can adjust Smart Bidding conversion values to get the most out of your campaigns. This bidding strategy uses historical data and machine learning to automatically get you the best results.

Dig Deeper: To understand how these automated solutions work towards advertisers’ marketing objectives, they can use Audience Insights – a new feature on the Insights Page that helps businesses learn more about their customers’ interests and how they engage with their ads.

This information can be very helpful in determining what strategies to use moving forward with your marketing campaigns. You can read more about these changes on the Google Help Center post.

Goodbye to Google black “Ads” label, say Hello to Google Sponsored label


Similar Audience segments will be available for the next 6 months, so if you’re using them in your campaigns, you can continue to do so until after the holiday season. However, it’s a good idea to start planning and testing your transition to Smart Bidding and Optimized Targeting now, so the impact will be less harmful when the time comes.

We hope that you’ve found this information useful. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at EverRanks.

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