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Google Makes Search Ads Distinguishable From Organic Results

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18 Oct 2022

Google is upgrading the design of search ads with new visual elements that emphasize business names and logos.

Google is rolling out updates that include the removal of the “ad” label and adding business names and logos.

These changes help make Google Search ads distinguishable from organic results.

Google is enhancing and continually upgrading search ads’ design with various visual elements that stress business names or logos. To be more specific, Google rolls out updates for search ads including some removal of ad labels. These changes can help Google ads differentiate from organic results more clearly.

Business Names In Google Search Ads

Recently, Google has changed many search snippets for websites by showing the name of the website instead of the title tag. Now, business names are now considered the topmost visual part of search ads. You can see an example of its new design here:

Google Makes Search Ads Distinguishable From Organic Results
Source: Internet

In the past, the landing page URL appeared at the top of searches in Google, followed by the ad title text. 

Google still maintains the URL and title text in a new design, but it removes unnecessary information. So it makes the business name become more obvious.

This change is helpful in all situations where a business can bid on a competitor’s keywords. It is more apparent to examiners which business’s website they are surfacing when clicking on the ad.

Logos In Google Search Ads

Besides business names, Google is also displaying the logos of businesses in the search process. This change can make it more apparent to searchers, especially businesses that paid for the ad, so there are none of the surprises when they reach the landing page.

The inclusion of logos assistants in different ways can make ads more differentiated, and distinguishable from the organic results.

Organic results are plain text, with some occasional thumbnails on the far right.

A business logo located on the top left is a symbol or defining characteristic of Google ads, dividing them apart from search snippets. 

Moreover, Google faced dangerous criticism for the ad’s appearance being too similar to the results. With some updates, there is less confusion.

Lastly, Google is working with the Ad in favor of a new Sponsored tag. The word Sponsored is featured on its own line in the top left corner of the search ads. These updates for Google ads are rolling out on smartphones with a similar experience to desktops.


Business names and logos of Google Search Ads are in beta and are also limited to people meeting the eligibility criteria.

Eligibility criteria include:

  • The account opened for more than 90 days
  • The account is a good history of the policy compliance
  • The account is an active campaign.
  • The account is active text ads and is accrued spend on the Search campaign for 28 days.
  • The account is in the eligible vertical and sub-vertical. Sensitive verticals or sub-verticals like sexual content, and healthcare are not eligible for the business information.
  • The account is completed by Google’s Advertiser Verification Program.

When an eligibility criterion is met, Google Ads crawls the landing page to find the business name or logo, and after that adds it to different campaigns.

You have different options for reviewing or removing automatically information you don’t include. Alternatively, you should add a business name or logo to the campaign. Google reviews the business names or logos to make sure they comply with the Google Adds policy or format requirements.

If Google doesn’t include the business name, it instead shows some domains from the display URL. Google adds a blue icon if it doesn’t display the logo.

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