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SEO Strategy: Data Survey To Plan Your Next Year In SEO

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31 Oct 2022

Find out the most important thing happening in the SEO industry this year, and how SEO pros react to changing technology or consumer dynamics. More than 3.600 SEO professionals responded about experiences the past year and moreover what they expect in the future. So in this article, we want to share with users about SEO strategy in 2023.

New SEO Professionals Entering The Industry

Over a quarter of the survey participants have two years of experience in the SEO industry. Some responses indicate that the demand for SEO professionals is quite high.

In regions such as the US, Canada, Australia… SEO pros in 4 years of their career have the best opportunities to advance with a high salary.

About 31% of people with less than two years of experience and more than 34$ of people who have two to four years of experience will earn between $75,000 and $90,000.

There is a decrease in average salary from last year, because of the number of newcomers and the growth of SEO in regions where the currency is different from the US dollar. 

Data Survey To Plan Your Next Year In SEO
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While some predict further industry growth, some cited acquiring talent as a huge concern in the following year. 

We don’t ignore the looming shadows of a recession or policies from the US Federal Reserve targeted at the US job market. The next year will prove challenging for SEO professionals or new job employees. 

Technical SEO Was The Highest Priority This Year

Some top activities that users spent their time doing this year were:

SEO Strategy
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This is due to Google updates prioritizing website speed, stability and security. This page Experience update was published on a desktop in 2022. Page experience has been top of mind for some SEO pros since Core Web Vitals in 2020 and carried out was completed this year. Business is refocusing on technical basics after the large growth of digital channels. 

This explained the focus on SEO strategy and research. Marketers need to experiment or move to keep up. 

AI & Machine Learning Expected To Make Big Impacts Next Year

2022 was a turning point, bringing both expected and unexpected changes. SEO and SEM professionals grapple with some platform updates that change how they gather or report data, as well as how they run campaigns. 

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Some SEO professionals expect AI or machine learning to create the biggest changes and show huge challenges in the next year. 

Performance Max, GA4, and the removal of third-party cookies are some of the changes to pay attention to.

Plan Next Year In SEO
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Ad platforms or search engines are continually looking to AI or machine learning to improve their services and multiple functionalities. Performance Max is a perfect example of the direction that SEO pros watch. Ad campaign managers lose some customization options they are used to in favor of allowing algorithms to make different tweaks. 

There are some ever-improving Google algorithms. When new inventions and updates are added to Google or search engines, SEO pros should be fast to respond and deal with the changes. 

To sum up, this is all the information EverRanks wants to send users about SEO strategy. We hope that through the things we share, you will know how to focus on what is the most important thing and improve things. 


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