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Tips For Making A Great Small Business Website In 2022

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29 Sep 2022

A great website is essential for the success of any small business, whether you are a freelance photographer, own a hardware store, or run another type of small business. EverRanks SEO company knows what it takes to create great and engaging business websites as a search agency that has worked on building or marketing for over 7 years.

If you want to build a new startup website or improve the effectiveness of your current site, here are some pointers to get you started and help your small business website effectively compete in the online marketplace.

How To Build A Small Business Website For Beginners

Top 11 Best Website Builder For Small Businesses in 2022

Tips For Making A Great Small Business Website
A wonderful website is critical to the success of any small business (Source: Internet)
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Tips for creating a small business website

1. Get a good domain name.

Your domain name, also known as your website address, is frequently the point of entry to your website. It is critical that it makes a good first impression for both usability and search engine optimization (SEO).

Here are some SEO companies suggestions for creating an ideal domain name:

  • Make it simple to spell. 
  • Make it as brief as possible. 
  • Make use of the appropriate domain extension. 
  • Numbers and hyphens should be avoided. 
  • Make the address as broad as possible to allow for future growth. 
  • Make it unforgettable. 
  • Look into the domain name. 
  • Check to see if the price is reasonable. 
  • Avoid names that are illogical. 
  • Make an SEO-friendly URL. 

2. Purchase a dependable, scalable website hosting service with excellent technical support.

A website host (also known as a website hosting provider) is a company that offers the technology and services needed to view a website on the internet. When users visit your website address, they are directed to the website that you host.

Hosting services can range from $2 to $100+ per month, depending on the technology and support you choose. If you purchase a yearly plan rather than a monthly plan, you will usually receive a discount.

3. A clear description of your company should be prominently displayed.

It is critical to let people know who you are and what you do right away so that they are not perplexed when visiting your small business website. SEO company suggest you should make sure your main homepage banner (also known as a “hero image”) and subsequent banners are visual representations of your services, and near the top of the page, you have a text blurb that describes who you are and what you do.

Additionally, make sure that “About Us” page links are easily accessible in both your main and footer navigation menus so that people can click them and learn more about your company.

4. Use the most effective content management system available.

A content management system (CMS) is software that enables the creation and management of digital content. A good CMS will assist you in site maintenance and requires little technical knowledge to use. You should choose a CMS that is tailored to your specific needs; different systems are used for a variety of reasons, including user-friendliness, extensibility, and cost.

5. Select a reliable e-commerce platform.

If you intend to sell goods and/or services via your website, you will require the necessary technology. (If you do not currently sell anything, you should consider doing so because e-commerce has the potential to increase your profits.) If you decide to allow users to make financial transactions with you online, you must select the appropriate platform for your business model.

6. Create an interesting, unforgettable, and engaging website user interface.

Make sure the interface of your small business website creates a positive impression that leads to results. You can accomplish this by implementing the following recommendations:

  • Make use of eye-catching graphics and easy-to-read fonts.
  • Make certain that your graphics are compressed and optimized for quick loading. Search engines, such as Google, will penalize your ranking if your website is slow.
  • Investigate your competitors’ websites to see how they have designed and optimized them; implement similar components that will work for your small business website.
  • Investigate your target audience to find out what they want from your website and make it easy for them to get it.
  • Maintain brand consistency throughout your website design.
  • Create standard small business website pages such as Home, About us, Products/Services (with descriptions and visually appealing images), Sitemap (for SEO purposes), Contact us, Privacy policy, and any other pages that are relevant to your specific small business.

7. Optimize your small business website for search engines.

SEO is a set of practices you implement on your website to ensure search engines properly index and rank your website and then display it to search engine users. When search engines “crawl” your website, it competes with websites that have similar content. The higher your site ranks on search engine result pages, the better its design and content. SEO is a continuous process that can mean the difference between appearing on the first page of search engine results pages or page 300.

8. Create and distribute high-quality content on a regular basis 

Both content quantity and freshness are important to search engines, so make a plan to publish quality articles and/or blog posts on your site and on external sites that link to your site. If you want to rank high in search engine results and encourage people to return to your site, you must update it as frequently as possible with new and relevant content.

Make certain that your content is written in an appropriate, on-brand tone that people will enjoy reading.

9. Set up webmaster tools

Install Google Analytics, Google Search Console (preferably via Google Tag Manager), and Bing Webmaster Tools to help you analyze traffic and site performance. These tools can be used to keep track of the following types of data:

  • The number of daily, weekly, and monthly visitors to your website
  • Views on each page of your website
  • “Bounce rate”—the percentage of visitors who arrive at your site and leave after only viewing one page.
  • Visitors’ average time spent on the site
  • Your website has crawl errors (errors that the search engines found on your site in crawling its content)
  • The website contains broken links.
  • Keywords that direct visitors to your website
  • Backlinks to your site
  • download time for a website
  • Additional details that can improve your SEO

10. Set up a website maintenance schedule.

You shouldn’t build a website and then leave it to become outdated. You must make sure your website is properly maintained if you want to have a successful one that performs well in search engine results and isn’t hacked.

How to build a small business website in 7 steps

Choose a web-building platform

You may quickly create and manage a company website using a website design platform without knowing any code. Although there are other CMS options available, for the majority of small businesses, popular all-in-one website builders like Squarespace, Wix, GoDaddy, or Weebly are preferable to more complex alternatives like WordPress.

These website builders are perfect for those who are new to web design or for small organizations who need a website up and running quickly. Additionally, using one of these site builders to create a small business website is simple and inexpensive.

Choose domain name

Choosing the ideal company domain name is crucial for developing your online presence. Most small businesses choose to utilize a top level domain (TLD) extension like.com and incorporate their brand name. With so many.com domains already registered, it can be challenging to get the exact domain name you desire.

Thankfully, you may also utilize TLDs like.net,.edu,.org, and.store, as well as country-specific TLDs like.us and.ca and professional-designations like.pro or.me.

Find a hosting provider

Make an account with your preferred provider based on the CMS you intend to use. The process is simple with website builders like Squarespace and Wix, and plans include hosting, domain, and SSL certificates for data security. However, you must first sign up for web hosting and purchase a domain, and an SSL certificate if you want to use WordPress.

Bluehost is an official WordPress-recommended web hosting solution if you’ve chosen to use WordPress to create a business website.

Choose a theme or template

You must select a template or theme for your small business website whether you use WordPress or a website builder. Site builders like Squarespace, Wix and Weebly categorize templates and offer designs that come with many of the tools and functionality your site will probably want.

But keep in mind that these free themes don’t come with page-building tools and allow very little customization. To achieve the style you want for your small company website, you probably need a premium theme with a page builder unless you have prior knowledge of web development.


There must be content added while customizing a website. The following content is usually required for websites:

  • Homepage: Most website visitors start on this page. A broad call to action that appeals to your target audience should be included, as well as simple navigation options for site visitors to get the content they desire.
  • About us page: Having an about us page is another technique to convert website visitors, albeit it is not fully necessary. You have the chance to build relationships by using your brand’s purpose and vision, tagline, values, and other elements.
  • Contact page: You should make a specific contact page with additional means to get in touch, such as a contact form, in addition to having contact information in your header and footer. Think about including a live chat function on your website.
  • Blog: Make a landing page for your blog if you want to use content marketing to increase traffic to your website. Design this page with a variety of parts (such a set of featured posts, topic-specific posts, and recent posts) catered to your customer profiles and personas because this is another chance to reach members of your target audience.

Website Optimization

Making your small business website search engine friendly is crucial if you want to get seen in online searches. Although search engine optimization, or SEO, has a technical tone, many SEO techniques that help your site rank higher on Google are easy to use.

Use your chosen keyword in the page title, one subheading, and a few other places on the page to optimize it for search engines. It’s also a good idea to put it in the page slug, which is the portion of the URL that follows after the domain name and extension, like in the URL for this page, which is /small-business-websites/.

Similarly, include a meta description on the page that contains the term. When your material is displayed on online search engine results pages, often known as SERPs, it will be bolded.

Publish your website

Go over your website before releasing it. Check out how it appears and behaves on a desktop and a mobile device. Look over your writing for errors and broken links.

Don’t overlook site loading speed either, as 40% of visitors will leave a site that loads slowly, and it can also hurt your search rankings. If your website takes too slow to load, try compressing or lowering the resolution of your photographs to reduce their size. Once everything is ready, press “Publish” to make your site live.

26 best inspirational small business website templates

1. Children’s Products: Millk

best inspirational small business website templates
Source: Internet

Australian apparel company Millk specializes in infant and toddler clothing. The website uses muted colors that are similar to those in the clothing of the brand. There are also several photographs showcasing the design and materials of the products. Anywhere on the website may easily access the menu since it is simple and uncomplicated. Additionally, this example of a small business website features a mobile-responsive layout.

2. Sportswear: Rhone

Sportswear: Rhone
Source: Internet

For men who lead active lifestyles, Rhone manufactures cutting-edge, high-tech sportswear and apparel. The website emphasizes the products by using bold typography and neutral colors. It has numerous, high-quality calls to action (such as “Shop Now” and “Select a Size”) as well as graphics.

3. Footwear: Allbirds

This example of a small business website
Source: Internet

A company that prioritizes sustainability and natural materials is Allbirds. This example of a small business website is clean and simple, and it’s crammed with gorgeous product photographs. Navigation is made simple by the comprehensive drop-down menu. Additionally, the product pages highlight the qualities and advantages of each item.

4. Cosmetics: MFMG Cosmetics

The website is straightforward and mobile-friendly
Source: Internet

Makeup for Melanin Girls is the brand name of MFMG Cosmetics. By creating a line of cosmetic goods for those with darker skin tones, this company is attempting to make the cosmetics industry more inclusive. The website is straightforward and mobile-friendly. It pairs minimalist typography with the colors of its products. Take note of the banner offering a discount code good for 10% off to site visitors who join the mailing list.

5. Lifestyle: LEIF

A lifestyle company
Source: Internet

A lifestyle company called LEIF sells “beautiful things for everyday living.” Both the brand’s physical store in Brooklyn, New York, and its website are used for sales. On the website, vivid product images contrast with subdued color palettes. The store offers a variety of goods in several categories, and it has made navigating simple by developing a drop-down menu.

6. Designer Products: Studio Neat

small business website is well-designed and simple to use
Source: Internet

Studio Neat creates straightforward, understated products to address everyday issues. This example of a small business website is well-designed and simple to use. It emphasizes the importance of the items. A fantastic feature of the website is the section at the bottom of the home page that highlights the founders and their backgrounds.

7. Boutique: La La Land

group of artists
Source: Internet

Online retailer La La Land sells goods made by a group of artists. The website uses pink and green accents to convey the spirit of the company. It also features a white background, which draws attention to the vivid, striking product designs. The drop-down menu is unambiguous and uses a sans-serif typeface with capitalized terms.

8. Travel Products: Minaal

the website is streamlined and precise
Source: Internet

Travelers can get cutting-edge baggage from Minaal. Like the brand’s goods, the website is streamlined and precise. By pointing out prestigious websites that have highlighted its products, Minaal effectively uses social proof. Additionally, users can use other currencies to make purchases on the website. A blog and member’s community are also included.

9. Furniture: Brosa

Furniture and housewares
Source: Internet

Furniture and housewares are sold by Brosa. The website uses a lot of high-quality pictures and has muted, soft colors. The top bar contains crucial links like “Contact & FAQ,” “Call Us,” and “Covid-19,” and the navigation is extensive.

10. Home Decor: Ivory & Deene

Small website business: Home Decor: Ivory & Deene
Source: Internet

Australia-based Ivory & Deene is a retailer of home furnishings. This sample of a small business website promotes the luxury brand using a sophisticated color scheme and understated animation components. The menu and search filters further simplify navigation.

11. Technology: Ratio Coffee

 Shopify store
Source: Internet

From its Shopify store, Ratio Coffee offers cutting-edge coffee makers for sale. A black, white, and grey color scheme is frequently chosen by IT companies to highlight balance and precision, thus the brand is aware of color psychology. High-definition videos of the company’s products are also available on the website.

12. Food Products: I Love Mole

The website's clean background
Source: Internet

I Love Mole sells delectable food items that are frequently used in Mexican cooking. The website’s clean background serves to attract attention to its vibrant merchandise. With dazzling orange and yellow highlights, it also reflects the vibrancy of its products.

13. Art: Tattly

The product images on the website are fantastic
Source: Internet

Tattly is a company that sells temporary tattoos designed by a group of artists. The product images on the website are fantastic. It also employs eye-catching colors to draw visitors’ attention to product promotions and calls to action.

14. Nutrition: Press London

Nutrition: Press London
Source: Internet

Cold-pressed juices, groceries, and detox packages are available at Press London. To assist users in navigating the site, the top bar includes three top-level categories with detailed drop-down menus. The site uses icons for essential links, such as the shopping cart and search icons, to help maintain its minimal style.

15. Unique Products: Pop Chart

Unique Products: Pop Chart
Source: Internet

Pop Chart sells one-of-a-kind and creative posters. The navigation menu is unique to most websites and reflects their edgy brand. This small business website example makes excellent use of eye-catching fonts and colors.

16. Pet Products: Zee.Dog

website design features a sleek
Source: Internet

Zee.Dog creates and sells innovative and fashionable cat and dog products. This example of a small business website design features a sleek, futuristic design with bold, colorful product images. It also has excellent copywriting that conveys the brand’s voice.

17. Weddings: Silk and Willow

The website is entirely grey and white
Source: Internet

Silk and Willow is a wedding decor boutique that creates environmentally friendly and sustainable products. The website is entirely grey and white, emphasizing the colors and variety of the brand’s products. The site also has a rustic feel thanks to the use of serif and typewriter fonts.

18. Men’s Fashion: Velasca

Men’s Fashion: Velasca
Source: Internet

Velasca is a manufacturer of handcrafted Italian leather shoes and accessories. Its website is simple and clean, highlighting the brand’s distinct Italian atmosphere. Take note of the carefully selected fonts and high-quality images. The menu also includes hand-drawn illustrations for each link. These images aid in determining what type of shoes or accessories the link leads to.

19. Sunglasses: Shwood Eyewear

website design is intended to highlight the brand's outdoor lifestyle.
Source: Internet

Shwood Eyewear is a company that creates and sells wooden sunglasses. This small business website design is intended to highlight the brand’s outdoor lifestyle. The website is straightforward, but there are numerous high-quality video clips and images of their products.

20. Women’s Fashion: Newton Supply Co.

simple and straightforward
Source: Internet

Newton Supply Co. creates beautiful waxed totes and bags in the United States. The design of this small business website is simple and straightforward. It also makes extensive use of the company’s backstory. Visitors’ attention is drawn to the photographs of the unique products, which are captioned in a simple serif font.

21. Outdoor Gear: Madsen

comfort and enjoyment
Source: Internet

Madsen creates and sells one-of-a-kind “Bucket Bikes” for the entire family. The brand is all about comfort and enjoyment, and the website reflects this. It employs bright, bold colors to convey a sense of playfulness. The website also includes a plethora of instructional videos to assist customers in making the most of their purchases.

22. Ecommerce: Vortic Watches

This website was created with Shopify
Source: Internet

Vortic Watches does an excellent job of bringing its products to life, even on its homepage. The brand’s eye for quality is evident in its use of video to illustrate what it offers, which also happens to indicate what sets it apart, and its creative use of parallax scrolling.

This website was created with Shopify, one of the best e-commerce website builders. Check out the steps on how to build an online store with Shopify to learn more about how to create a store like this one.

23. Architecture Firm: Architecture In Formation

Squarespace is also an excellent choice
Source: Internet

Architecture In Formation, like many other Squarespace websites, has a simple landing page with a slideshow of their work. To achieve the same effect, use the “Forte” template, which is ideal for a visual portfolio.

Aside from having sleek templates, Squarespace is also an excellent choice for a portfolio site because all of its plans include unlimited storage and bandwidth. Indeed, it ranks first on our list of the best portfolio website builders.

24. Hotel & Restaurant: El Pez

create a one-page website to keep your information more readable
Source: Internet

El Pez‘s hotel and restaurant website is a good small business website example, demonstrating how to include a lot of information in a reader-friendly way. It does a good job of providing relevant information to each audience as a business with multiple service offerings and different audiences seeking different things out of the site. Although it makes use of multiple pages, you can also create a one-page website to keep your information more readable.

It also makes use of the Elementor page builder plugin, which makes WordPress more user-friendly and allows it to use animated page elements. You do not, however, have to use WordPress to achieve this look. Try Wix for maximum design freedom which is far easier to use than WordPress.

25. Ecommerce: Native Union

The color scheme keeps the audience from feeling overwhelmed
Source: Internet

Native Union, an online store, does an excellent job of presenting its many products without making them appear cluttered. The color scheme keeps the audience from feeling overwhelmed, allowing them to focus on the products. It has a search bar on the homepage, which we believe is essential for any e-commerce website, as well as a sliding banner that allows users to easily navigate to different pages.

Go to Shopify and select the “Narrative” theme to easily create an online store that looks like this. Alternatively, Wix and the “Energy Snacks Store” template are a more affordable—and user-friendly—e-commerce option.

26. Educational Services: Play Street Museum

The layout is simple and familiar
Source: Internet

Play Street Museum of Plano, a children’s museum, stays true to its brand by incorporating a playful and childlike design into its website. Despite having a lot of different links, it does a good job of maintaining a clean web design that doesn’t feel cluttered. The layout is simple and familiar, making it simple to navigate the site and providing a positive user experience. Begin by using the Bryler template to create a Squarespace website similar to this one.

Some website builders for small business 2022

Self-Hosted WordPress

creating a website for your business
Source: Internet

Because WordPress is open-source, it is available on the majority of web hosting platforms. Bluehost, an official WordPress partner, for example, offers a one-click installation. This program is designed to make creating a website for your business as simple as possible. It provides thousands of ready-to-use, customizable WordPress themes for every industry. Drag-and-drop page builders in WordPress give you more control over your small business website.


simple website builder
Source: Internet

Web.com is a simple website builder that anyone can use. Anyone can use it to create a professional small business website. It simplifies the process of creating a website for your business by using a drag-and-drop builder. There are also a plethora of website templates to get you started. Web.com should be costly. However, it has one of the most affordable starting prices, securing its place on the list of best website builders.

HubSpot Website Builder

optimize and personalize your website
Source: Internet

HubSpot Website Builder is a drag-and-drop website builder that also includes marketing automation tools and a CRM. You can optimize and personalize your website for every device and visitor. Pre-built templates can be used to create posts, landing pages, site pages, and emails. Adaptive testing is a unique feature of the HubSpot website builder. This allows you to select up to five different versions of a web page. HubSpot tracks and ranks the best websites for small businesses.


responsive website builder
Source: Internet

Because of its Artificial Design Intelligence, Wix made the list of best website builders (ADI). ADI searches the internet for information about your company. This responsive website builder has a clean design, as well as SEO and marketing tools built in.

GoDaddy Website Builder

domain name registrar and hosting service provider
Source: Internet

GoDaddy is a well-known domain name registrar and hosting service provider. You can create a business website with GoDaddy Website Builder, which includes GoDaddy hosting. GoDaddy Website Builder does not require any technical knowledge. Choose one of their templates and customize it with the drag-and-drop editor. Contact forms, videos, and social media links can all be added. It also has some marketing tools built in, such as SEO and email marketing functions.

Gator Website Builder

Source: Internet

With just a few clicks, Gator Website Builder allows you to create a simple website. Furthermore, it is one of the most affordable high-quality business website builders available today. Gator Website Builder has no learning curve and a theme library to choose from.

The drag-and-drop software makes it simple to insert images, videos, Google Maps, and other media. This platform comes with complimentary hosting, a domain name, analytics, and an SSL certificate. These certificates make your site more secure and SEO-friendly.


WordPress plugin for creating visually appealing membership sites
Source: Internet

MemberPress is a WordPress plugin for creating visually appealing membership sites. You have the ability to accept payments, sell digital downloads, and control who sees your content. You can set up your membership site in minutes, generate recurring subscription revenue, manage your site members and give them access to content based on membership level, integrate with other plugins, and use any WordPress theme with a MemberPress site. It can even create online classes complete with quizzes.


SEO and lead generation features when creating a website
Source: Internet

Weebly is frequently listed as one of the best free website builder software because it’s difficult to argue with that price! You can use SEO and lead generation features when creating a website for your business with Weebly. To gain full access, you may need to upgrade to a paid version. With responsive templates, this platform makes it possible for your small business website to be mobile-friendly. You can use Weebly with your domain after upgrading. Otherwise, your domain will include Weebly in the URL. Site search, HD audio, video, and membership options with various plans are available.


provide features
Source: Internet

BigCommerce is one of the best websites for small businesses that require eCommerce capabilities. It is intended for online sales. Burrow, Skullcandy, and other well-known brands rely on the BigCommerce platform. BigCommerce could assist in the launch of an eCommerce store without having to worry about technical aspects. With integrated apps, you can personalize your small business website. They provide features such as shipping and inventory management, reviews, and email marketing automation.


create a website for your business for the first time
Source: Internet

Users love Squarespace‘s beautiful designs and ease of use, so it made the list. Squarespace aims to make it simple to create a website for your business for the first time. Its basic plan allows you to create a 20-page website. For the first year, you can use Squarespace with a custom domain for free. Furthermore, because it is hosted, Squarespace keeps your site up to date. With that package, you also get an SSL certificate, analytics, and eCommerce features. It also allows you to sell an unlimited number of products and accept donations. Inventory management, accounting, checkout functions, cart recovery, and eCommerce reporting are all included in other plans.

Frequently asked questions about small business websites

  1. What is the best way to create a small business website?

    The best way to create a small business website is with an all-in-one site builder, such as Squarespace. Unlike WordPress, which can be difficult to use and has a fairly steep learning curve, site builders are designed to make it simple for anyone to create their professional website.

  2. Which of the following is the best free website builder for a small business?

    There’s nothing wrong with using a free website builder to get started. However, to ensure your business looks legit and grows your online brand presence, you’ll want a paid plan on a custom domain. Overall, Wix is the best free website builder for small businesses, while Weebly is the best free e-commerce platform.

  3. How can I draw visitors to my website?

    To drive website traffic, you can use a variety of website marketing tactics, including paid and organic tactics. To drive organic traffic through an online search, for example, you can implement a content marketing program and follow best practices for SEO. Social media marketing can also be used to drive organic traffic.

  4. What are the best free website builders for small businesses?

    Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, and GoDaddy are the best website builders. Which is best for you will be determined by your specific skills and needs.
    Squarespace, for example, is best for creating a design-forward website, whereas Wix is best for those who want complete design freedom. Weebly is ideal for creating low-cost online stores, whereas GoDaddy is ideal for service-based businesses. Discover the complete list of the best drag-and-drop website builders.

​​Learning how to create a small business website is essential for promoting your company and developing an online brand presence. Using top site builders, you can create a business website in under a day with no prior web design experience. Hopefully, with the information that EverRanks – our SEO company has compiled above, you will have good ways to build your small business website effectively.


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