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Some Daily Search Forum Recaps On October 24, 2022

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26 Oct 2022
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There was an unconfirmed Google update, and the spam update rolled out a day after Google said it was done-something different happened on Saturday. Google Ads has an issue with call ads. Google panels test dynamic search refinements. Moreover, Google has explored many new visual products. Google released a podcast on this issue, doing SEO on documentation, and finally, we will discuss the daily search forum recap. 

Search Engine Roundtable Stories

  • Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update On October 22, A Day After The Spam Update Finished.
    Google confirmed the October 2022 spam update was completed on Friday 21st morning. The tracking tools are mild, making sense for a spam update. A day after, on Saturday, 22nd October, I renewed chatter and the tools are illustrating bigger than Google Search rankings.
  • Confirmed: Google Ads Issue With Call Ads
    Google confirmed a risky issue affecting the call ads with Google Ads. 
  • Google Testing Explore More Visual Products Section
    For several months, Google has tested a visual product experience, a product grid that can turn the search results into an e-commerce category page-like interface. Google tests more than grid formats, after announcing the new visual experience yesterday.
  • Google Local Panel Tests Dynamic Search Forum Refinement Buttons
    A few months ago, we could spot Google examining a dynamic search bar refinement interface in core search results. It seems Google is working on a similar variation for a local panel interface.
  • Google: Doing SEO For The Google SEO Search Documentation
    There is something funny, and stunning about listening to Google talk about Google Team doing SEO on actual SEO documentation. It is fun to listen to and so I recommend finding time to research and take notes. 

Other Great Search Threads

There is no fixed or useful average time. What are you trying to achieve? Perhaps the time doesn’t matter, or perhaps there are other ways to deal with it.

John Mueller on Twitter

Thanks to everyone who submitted questions for our experimental SEO office hours! The team has gone through and answered a ton for you. Check out the recording on our channel:

Google Search Central on Twitter

That looks like something from some SEO tool — those links probably didn’t get placed yesterday, it’s just that the tool eventually found them there. I’d ignore them.

John Mueller on Twitter

There is no such thing as alt=follow, and in terms of “scattering the authority”, there’s also no such thing

John Mueller on Twitter

Unfortunately & luckily, there’s no short-cut to creating something awesome

John Mueller on Twitter

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