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7 Ways to Increase Click Through Rate Google Ads to 125%

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25 May 2023

How to increase the click-through rate (CTR) on your ads? What is the fastest way to boost CTR? It is a question that often troubles advertisers. Understanding this, EverRanks has compiled eight crucial tips to help significantly increase your CTR. Take advantage of these tips because your competitors are also researching this.

Targeting control is where you may make a mistake

  • Control ad keywords: This is the first and most crucial step in determining your CTR. Choose the right keywords that target your audience. Understanding your customers’ needs accurately and building appropriate keyword sets will bring you 50% success.
  • Control negative keywords: List out negative keywords and eliminate them to optimize your target audience. They help ensure that your ads only appear to people searching for your services. Adding control here can help increase CTR, reduce cost per click (CPC), and increase ROI.
Control negative keywords to increase ctr in google ads
  • Control search queries: Check the actual “search queries” that triggered your ads through the keywords you’re using (excluding exact match) and eliminate irrelevant keywords.
  • Control ad positions (geographic targeting): Check the CTR of different geographic positions to determine the appropriate bidding price.
  • Control display hours: Check the Hourly Performance report to develop suitable advertising strategies for different time frames (eliminate low CTR time frames, etc.).

Your ad copy determines 50% of CTR!

It is the “storefront” of your business in front of customers, so if you want to improve, start by improving your ad copy. Ensure that your ad copy is “technically correct.”

  • Headline: Google has updated the expanded text ad format this year, allowing for two headlines of 30 characters each and a description line of up to 80. Take advantage of this change to optimize your ad copy and provide valuable and appealing information to attract your target customers. And remember to include a Call to Action (CTA) to encourage more customer interaction.
  • In addition to including keywords in the Ad Group, your ad copy should also closely match the keywords your customers are searching for so you don’t get “ignored.” To create attraction, it should also contain unique information, such as discounts, free shipping, etc…
  • The main keyword should appear twice: Once in the headline and once in the description.
  • Another small note is that your ad copy should display well on mobile devices.
Ways to Increase Click Through Rate Google Ads to 125%

Use ad extensions

Google AdWords offers various ad extensions for a reason. As of now, the five most commonly used extensions are:

  • Message extension
  • Call extension
  • Location extension
  • Review extension
  • Website link extension
use extensions to follow ctr google ads

Use these extensions based on your business goals. It’s best to maximize the use of the currently available extensions. The content of the extension should be relevant to the keywords and ad copy.

For example, to convert customer actions immediately, use call or message extensions and offers in the ad copy. If you’re going to persuade customers and gain their trust, use review extensions to affirm the quality of your products or services. Respond to customer needs quickly, and your CTR will increase.

Set up Sitelink in AdWords Ads

Sitelinks – Website links are a term used to refer to links displayed below specific Google search results. Sitelinks will help you expand your advertising with relevant links. Creating Sitelinks is much more effective than having a single URL. On average, opening Sitelinks results in a 40% increase in click-through rate (CTR) compared to advertising on Google AdWords without them.

opening Sitelinks results in a 40% increase in CTR compared to advertising on Google AdWords without them

Increase ranking to gain more clicks

It may seem quite obvious… Yes, increasing the display ranking also helps increase the click volume, but there are better approaches than this. Ranking depends on various factors, including budget, goals, and advertising timing, as well as the viewpoint of EverRanks: “Google AdWords is not a ranking battle but an art of finding maximum benefit positions.”

Nevertheless, this is still a way to increase CTR if your budget allows it, so EverRanks includes it in this list.

It a way to increase CTR if your budget allows it

A/B tests different ad copies with one keyword

Many advertisers consider this time-consuming and unnecessary, but it is a highly effective method to select the best-performing ad copy that generates the desired click-through rate. Typically, you would test three ad copies for about 2-3 weeks, then choose the one with the highest interaction or CTR and maintain that ad copy.

choose the one with the highest interaction or CTR and maintain that ad copy

Direct customers to the right page they want

Be a “considerate” advertiser if you don’t want customers to click and immediately leave. Respond to their needs as quickly as possible. For example, if they are looking for an iPhone 7, direct them to the specific page introducing the iPhone 7 instead of a page with multiple types of iPhones that distracts attention. Customers won’t want to continue searching, so say goodbye to your page.

It indirectly increases your CTR when customers search again, for the second or third time.

Continuously maintain ad optimization

It is the final step but equally important. After ensuring you have an optimized ad copy, you must continuously maintain it, monitor it, and regularly measure it if you don’t want your CTR to decrease after just a few days. AdWords relies on numbers, but optimization is an art. Your competitors are also constantly trying to increase their benefits, so take your time, even for a day.

increase ctr google ads

The above eight methods only help you win the race to increase CTR. Google AdWords has more headaches to deal with. Alongside you, some increasingly strong competitors continuously update and adapt, which is the best approach if you don’t want to fall behind in this “battle.”


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