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What is GrammarlyGO? How AI Personalizes Text Styles Automatically

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20 May 2023

1. What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is a real-time English spelling and grammar-checking tool. About the useage, you need an internet connection for the device (computer, mobile, tablet) you have installed and logged into your account. You can use directly in your browser, on Microsoft Word, or through the application for computers and mobile devices. I will provide detailed instructions on how to use Grammarly on Windows/Mac computers/laptops, Android/iOS smartphones, and tablets at the end of this article.

(New) It has officially launched a new version, GrammarlyGO beta (April 26, 2023), combining the power of ChatGPT with Grammarly. You may not be aware, but GrammarlyGO uses the Microsoft and OpenAI technology platform for this product (updated on May 19, 2023).

All of you who are using account support service can use GrammarlyGO now

Here is why I like this tool and why it is the most widely used text and English grammar-checking tool with over 10 million regular users.

2. Reasons to use Grammarly

The reasons I share below are from a user experience perspective rather than an introduction to the features.

2.1. I like Grammarly because it is simple and easy to use

And it’s true. You don’t need a paid subscription account; with a Free account, you can still use many valuable features of this tool.

It won't take you long to get used to Grammarly
It won’t take you long to get used to

Simply put, Grammarly is easy to install and use.

It’s easy to use because Grammarly has a clean and neat interface design. With minor adjustment, you will immediately see text and English sentence-checking notifications as you type.

It’s easy to install because you can easily find download links and installation instructions right on the Grammarly.com provider’s website or on Google. Honestly, you need to search Google with a few keywords, and you will find a series of detailed articles on how to use it.

I can use Grammarly with many different applications on mobile, browser, computer and tablet.
I can use the tool with many different applications on mobile, browser, computer and tablet

2.2. The second reason I like Grammarly is that it is affordable

Is it affordable? the tool is costly. It may seem unbelievable when you access the pricing plans here: https://www.grammarly.com/plans.

The price of Grammarly is too cheap
The price is too cheap

The cheapest subscription fee is over $10 per month. However, when you purchase as a group, the fee decreases significantly because Grammarly allows simultaneous usage on up to 5 devices. Therefore, if you buy as a group, it is not too expensive, around 2 cups of coffee per month for comfortable and premium usage.

Additionally, take advantage of the significant promotional offers from the company throughout the year. The fee can be lower than the listed price on the website, up to 50% off.

Compared to other equivalent tools, Grammarly’s pricing is moderate to high.

(This is my sharing of the official usage. In USA, there may be cheaper unofficial ways to use. However, these methods are “unofficial” as they do not comply with the provider’s regulations. Therefore, if usable, it is only for a short period and may be unstable).

2.3. The third reason is a large supportive community

There are many reviews and discussions about Grammarly on the Internet and numerous articles guiding and sharing practical ways to use this tool. There are also complaints about Grammarly’s effectiveness compared to other tools.

A service that receives a lot of user feedback will continue to develop. Providers will rely on this feedback to improve and upgrade the service.

During the process of using and supporting users of Grammarly Premium, I gained valuable experience. I have shared in the review article about common errors encountered when using, how to fix them, and whether offering a lifetime package.

In summary, Grammarly is a popular “check” tool for English grammar and text among average users, especially those with essential to intermediate English proficiency.

3. What is GrammarlyGO?

(Experience video of GrammarlyGO beta, updated on April 26, 2023). The emergence of ChatGPT and intelligent AI chatbot tools led to the creation of GrammarlyGO. Let’s learn about and experience GrammarlyGO together.

3.1. What is GrammarlyGO AI?

GrammarlyGO is a new product from Grammarly.com, which includes all the features of the previous Grammarly version, along with AI features such as text automation and personalized writing style, similar to using a dedicated AI chatbot tool for editing and improving English grammar text.

GrammarlyGo is currently only available to users of the Grammarly Business plan, which can be turned on/off.
GrammarlyGo is currently only available to users of the Grammarly Business plan, which can be turned on/off

3.2. Key features of GrammarlyGO

3.2.1. Faster and smarter language assistant

Use GrammarlyGO to unlock your ideas and increase productivity for groups and individuals. GrammarlyGO considers your context, preferences, and goals, automatically generates suggested content drafts, creates outlines, and provides high-quality answers and edits when needed.


3.2.2. Text composition

Like ChatGPT, with GrammarlyGO, you need to write a prompt (question) with a few words, and GrammarlyGO’s AI will generate a draft within a few seconds.

3.2.3. Rephrase sentences and paragraphs

Instantly create new versions of your article that you can customize in tone, clarity, or length. If this feature works well, you may not need to use QuillBot. (See more: Guide on how to use QuillBot Paraphrase Tool to reduce plagiarism rate)

3.2.4. Generating ideas

Receive new perspectives and instant structures to brainstorm and outline, similar to a Brainstorming tool (see more: What is Milanote? How to sign up, use Milanote).

3.2.5. Question/Answer

Quickly respond to emails based on prompts and specific contexts.

Features of GrammarlyGo
Features of GrammarlyGO

3.2.6. Personalization

Set reasonable style controls to give your generated text a unique “flavor.” You can quickly (and consistently) personalize the writing style with GrammarlyGO. I have shared more about Grammarly’s Brantone feature in the following article: Review and share free Grammarly Premium accounts).

Currently, GrammarlyGO has yet to be officially launched, and I will share more about the new version of Grammarly in the future.

3.3. GrammarlyGO Account

Below is information regarding the usage policy, user data security, and other important information about Grammarly’s new product.

What is GrammarlyGO
What is GrammarlyGo?

3.3.1. Who can use GrammarlyGO?

GrammarlyGO will be available upon release for users with free Grammarly accounts or those subscribed to Grammarly Premium in Australia, Canada, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, Poland, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, and the United States—with more countries to be added later. Most Grammarly Business and Grammarly for Education (higher education) accounts will have access to the beta version.

3.3.2. Where can I use GrammarlyGO?

GrammarlyGO is available on the following services and product platforms: Mac and Chrome extension. You can utilize the general writing capabilities of GrammarlyGO in Gmail, Google Docs, Microsoft Word, LinkedIn, and Medium. GrammarlyGO will soon be available on Grammarly for Windows and will continue to be optimized for more applications and websites over time.

3.3.3. Can GrammarlyGO be Used for Teams and Organizations?

GrammarlyGO values transparency and customer control, group admins can decide whether they want their team or educational organization to leverage the capabilities and general AI.

GrammarlyGO is disabled by default for Business and Education customers. To enable this feature, access your account and turn it on for your entire team, organization, or agency. This software is currently not available for K-12 educational organizations.

3.3.4. Is GrammarlyGO available in the Grammarly Editor SDK?

It is evaluating the integration of general AI into the Grammarly Editor SDK by the end of this year. However, there has yet to be any official information available. Details:

3.3.5. How does GrammarlyGO use user data?

The authentication and enterprise-grade certification of Grammarly, as well as the user-centric approach to security and privacy, reflect Grammarly’s practices and policies to ensure customer data is safe and secure.

Grammarly’s product services only access text when you use the product. It never sells customer data and never provides information to third parties to advertise their products to you. Instead, It earns money when people subscribe to premium services.

Any information used to power GrammarlyGO, such as the type of prompts, prompt text, and context in which it is used, will be shared with Grammarly’s partners solely to provide you with the GrammarlyGO experience. It does not allow partners or third parties to use your data to train models or improve their products.

Furthermore, It takes great care to isolate the data of each customer. Any content evaluated by an individual or organization using Grammarly will never appear in writing suggestions for other customers.

4. New Grammarly: New Features

Grammarly continuously updates its application features. Previously, it released “New Grammarly for iOS/iPad,” which allows users to utilize all the features of the Editor, not just a version keyboard.

Illustration “New Grammarly Desktop App”
Illustration “New Desktop App”

And today (November 17, 2021), I received a notification about the New Grammarly Desktop App version, which will integrate with more user environments, be more user-friendly, including MS Word, Outlook, Slack, Evernote, and soon support Notion.

“A More Seamless Grammarly Experience

We’re making Grammarly easier to use on your computer — in all your favorite apps. With Grammarly’s new desktop offering, you’ll be able to seamlessly use Grammarly in Microsoft Word, Outlook, Slack, and Evernote across desktop apps for the first time ever. And, of course, it’ll work in your browser too (including on Notion!).”

4.1. Grammarly State of Business Communication Report


Effective communication is a crucial foundation for achieving success. Grammarly understands how communication impacts each company and drives both direct and indirect costs.

Grammarly recently partnered with reputation analytics company The Harris Poll to survey 251 business leaders and 1,001 knowledge workers in the United States.

And this research shows that employees in communication roles spend about 20 hours per week on text-based communication out of a total of 40 working hours per week. Importantly, this research indicates that business leaders estimate their teams waste an average of 7.47 hours per week due to poor communication. How can this be turned into an investment cost for the business? And will poor communication efficiency only affect time or also the business value?

This report (43 pages, PDF) contains a lot of helpful information, especially for those in team lead positions. Therefore, I have signed up and downloaded the report to share in the later part of the article:

(You can also directly download the report from Grammarly by providing some required information such as the business name, email, etc.)

State of Business Communication report (source: Grammarly.com)
State of Business Communication report

4.2. Grammarly Brand Tone: Have you used it?

The feature is intended for corporate users and organizations.

You may have heard of “Brand voice,” a term that has become quite popular in building brand identity. “Brand Voice is defined (among many definitions) as the unique personality that a brand expresses in its communications.”

Brand Voice | Brand Tone is essentially what the brand communicates to customers through text (and sound). (Some definitions I found on the Internet are abstract, academic, and vague, and the more you read, the less you understand.)

✅ Returning to Grammarly Brand Tone.

Grammarly believes that Brand Tone reveals the writer’s attitude towards the topic they are writing about. Brand Tone can be conveyed in various ways, such as word choice, Punctuation, and sentence structure.

Brand Tone is similar to when you directly communicate with someone: your facial expressions, tone of voice, and body language can convey a specific “tone/voice.”

By using the appropriate Brand Tone in your writing, readers can better understand your emotions towards the topic. It signals how your essay will make them feel. Your tone can be cheerful, ironic, or assertive; all conveyed through your writing.

✅ Grammarly Brand Tone is currently available only for Business subscribers.

✅ Grammarly will analyze the linguistic style of your writing using advanced artificial intelligence (AI).

With Grammarly Business, you can set up a brand profile for your team. You can assign different tones based on brand/category classifications. Then, your team will receive real-time feedback on the types of Brand tones that have been/are/are not used when team members write and edit English texts.

Grammarly Brand Tone (Image: Grammarly.com)
Grammarly Brand Tone

I have experienced and found that creating a Brand Tone is quite convenient, involving only four steps (as you can see in the video). It would be best if you hardly did anything because Grammarly will provide suggestions based on your choices. In the final step, you select a Brand Tone, the most suitable writing/communication style for you/company/organization.

You can find detailed instructions here:


4.3. Essay Checker: Quickly Check Your Essay

How can you quickly check the grammar of your essay if you don’t have a premium account?

✅ Grammarly has a feature called “Essay Checker” that allows you to check the entire content of your essay quickly.

  • You don’t need to create an account, sign up for Grammarly, or log in to an account to use it.
  • Just paste your text into the check box. Then, Grammarly will quickly examine the entire content of the text you just pasted.

Immediately after, Grammarly will notify you of the criteria your text meets or the number of grammar mistakes or plagiarism issues it detects. The Quick Check report includes the following content, for example (it may vary slightly depending on your text).

– [ ] grammar

– [ ] Spelling

– [ ] Correct

– [ ] Punctuation

– [ ] Conciseness

– [ ] Readability

– [ ] Correct

– [ ] Word choice

– [ ] Additional writing issues

– [ ] Significant plagiarism

Access link to this feature is provided below.

✅ Evaluation by EverRanks: This quick essay content checker feature is quite helpful if you need a quantitative assessment, such as checking how many grammar errors are in your article or if your essay has any instances of plagiarism. However, to use it fully (viewing comprehensive editing suggestions), you must access a premium account to edit and refine your text.

✅ Are the results of this quick essay check equivalent to the bill on a Grammarly premium account?

Essay Checker
Essay Checker

I conducted a test by comparing the quick check (“Essay Checker”) and the check on my Grammarly premium account using the same essay, and the results were very close, almost equivalent. Therefore, if you think the quick check results are merely an advertisement for Grammarly, that’s only partially accurate. “Essay Checker” is a quick-checking feature, and the reported metrics are equivalent to directly checking on premium account.

Quick access link to the Essay Checker feature: https://www.grammarly.com/essay-checker

5. Grammarly Account: Upgrade with a 50% discount

A few years ago, around 2017-2019, Grammarly had several promotional discount programs offering up to a 49% discount for a 1-year subscription. However, such programs with high discount rates are rare and seem very scarce, similar to Quizlet Plus offering a 1-year subscription for less than $5/month, as I shared earlier.

Sign up for Grammarly premium for 50% off
Sign up for Grammarly premium for 50% off

A few days ago, I received this “secret” notification from Grammarly, which they “privately sent” to me, offering a 50% discount on any subscription plan, including the Business plan (though the Business plan for one year might not require it since it seems to default to a 50% discount when signing up for Grammarly Business for one year).

The email content is: “We think you’re an amazing writer, so here is a special 50% discount to get Grammarly Premium. Click the button below within one week to receive this special upgrade.”

I also recently discovered two cases in which you may receive a discount invitation. Firstly, if you’re an “inactive” user who rarely uses Grammarly, and secondly, if you’re a very active user. Of course, this is just my speculation.

By the way, Grammarly users on MS Word will likely receive additional features or an enhanced user experience shortly.

Grammarly has also sent notifications to many users and a survey to assess the user experience of using on MS Word through a question provided as a Google Forms link. The user ratings for Grammarly on appsource.microsoft.com are pretty poor (currently, 58% of users rate it with 1 star, which is quite surprising), prompting Grammarly to conduct this survey.

6. GrammarlyGO FAQ

6.1. What is GrammarlyGO?

The emergence of AI chatbots like ChatGPT, Bing Chat, and Google BardAI, with text processing capabilities similar to humans, is likely the reason behind the creation of GrammarlyGO. Therefore, GrammarlyGO has all the features of an AI chatbot designed to edit and improve English texts.

6.2. What features does GrammarlyGO have?

GrammarlyGO has many valuable features, such as Rephrase (which can replace QuillBot), personalized text style for individuals and organizations, automatic email responses, automatic optimization, text correction, etc.


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