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What Is SEO: A Beginner’s Guide to On-Site Optimization

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15 Apr 2023
What Is SEO

Have you heard of SEO when you step into web making or Online Marketing? And many people also recommend that you do SEO for the website to be able to compete and increase the conversion rate. So, in the end:

  • What is SEO?
  • What are the benefits of doing an SEO website?
  • How does SEO work?
  • What is the to-do list of SEOers or SEO Marketing Staff?

How can you achieve success in SEO? Along with many other questions, you should know. Here, I will present an overview of SEO, practices, and the benefits of SEO so that those who need to learn or thoroughly learn about SEO can grasp it.

Watch with me now!

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1. What Is SEO?

what is seo marketing
What is SEO marketing?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, a set of methods aimed at improving rankings and increasing the visibility of a website on Google’s search results. Because organic search is the most prominent way for users to discover and visit your website, a good SEO strategy is necessary to improve the quality and quantity of traffic.

On Google’s search results table, SEO will stand below the position of Adwords ads (currently, the advertising results will have the word “ad” appearing). SEO is optimizing efforts to achieve rankings from the Top 1-10 (the position from number 1 to number 10 on the same page-SERF).

The five critical success factors in implementing SEO projects are:

  • SEO On-page.
  • SEO Off-page.
  • Technical SEO.
  • Local SEO.
  • Entity.

What is On-page SEO?

checklist seo onpage
On-Page SEO checklist: the complete task list to optimize

On-page SEO (also known as On-site SEO) is the process of optimizing the elements of a website to help it rank higher on Google search results and get more traffic from search engines.

Contrary to Offpage SEO, Onpage SEO is the easiest and most effective way when you can control 100% of your results. Here are some Onpage SEO activities:

  • Keyword Research: Analyze the types of keywords associated with the frequency used by potential customers when searching for products and services of the brand. From there, understand the thoughts and desires of users from their search results.
  • Technical audit: Ensuring that websites are crawled, targeted, and indexed in the correct geographic region without errors or experiencing barriers to users.
  • On-page optimization: Including optimizing website structure, Meta Title, internal navigation, aligning elements on the page as well as improving content accordingly. From there, help prioritize critical areas and target relevant search terms.
  • Optimizing user experience (UX): Ensure content on the web shows expertise, authority, and credibility. Simple and fast operation, providing the best user experience

However, the perfect SEO tactic is still a proficient combination of both Offpage SEO and On-page SEO methods. If you are looking to improve and quickly improve your SEO skills, EverRanks compiled all SEO knowledge here.

What is Off-page SEO?

Checklist Off-page SEO
Off-page SEO Checklist

Off-page SEO is a collection of tips to optimize external factors of the website, including link building, marketing on social media channels, and bookmarking. In all three elements (Link Building, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Bookmarking) and other influencing factors in Off-page, SEO backlinks are the essential factor. This factor affects keyword rankings and your website in search engines, so you must find quality backlinks.

Some of the most popular forms of Off-page are:

  • IFTTT.
  • PBN.
  • Guest Post.
  • Public Relations.
  • Backlink blog comments and forum.
  • Influencer Outreach (access to influencers).
  • Social Media Marketing.
  • Social Profile/Social Bookmark & Citation.

The process of building and finding backlinks is called link building. Whether your SEO Web succeeds or not is thanks to “quality” link-building strategies.

Off-page SEO is considered a time-consuming technique. Because, in the process of building and finding backlinks to create quality votes for the website, if you do not comply with Google’s regulations, your website may be penalized for link schemes and administrative violations’ website.

In addition to Onpage and Offpage, Technical SEO, Local SEO, and Entity are factors that promote the website’s overall ranking that must be addressed.

What is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO checklist
Technical SEO checklist

Technical SEO is the optimization process that meets Google’s technical requirements to help improve page load speed so that search engines can easily crawl, index, and display web pages. Essential factors in Technical SEO include: crawling, indexing, rendering, and website structure.

Technical SEO includes strategies to improve the website structure. More specifically, this SEO technique is used to enhance the readability of a website, making it easier for search engines to crawl and bring a good user experience.

Ensure your website provides a good user experience. Search engines prefer sites with low page load speed, mobile-friendly, and easy to crawl and index.

What is Local SEO?

what is local SEO
What is local SEO

Local SEO-optimized websites based on keywords related to a specific region or locality. The goal is to increase the presence of your business when users search for information about that place.

For example, if you are traveling and want to drink morning coffee, now you will go to Google and search for “nearby coffee shops,” then Google will scan and return you a list of cafes located in your position, and you can choose and enjoy the coffee.

What is Entity?

what is seo entity
What is SEO entity

The Entity is an entity that fully converges four main elements:

  • Singular.
  • Unique
  • Well-defined.
  • Distinguishable.

Entity can be a thing, event, place, person, number, name, etc. An Entity is a significant factor in ranking a website on search engines. Thanks to Entity, Google can understand your website more easily, from which you can build your brand reputation on SERF.

The most popular types of SEO today

Types of SEO to boost your site organic traffic
Types of SEO to boost your site organic traffic
  • Local SEO: suitable for local business forms, attracting potential customers to visit the best store.
  • SEO App: help the app appear on mobile search results.
  • Image SEO: optimizing product and website images to rank higher on Google search results and other image search engines.
  • Overall SEO: optimizing the entire website according to Google standards and several other factors to increase the reputation and quality of the website and improve the user experience.
  • Keyword SEO: only focus on optimizing keywords to increase the highest ranking on the results page of search engines like Google.
  • Social SEO: combine distribution on Facebook or Twitter with SEO Google to contribute to improving the website’s ranking on the natural search results page.

2. How Does SEO Work?

What is SEO and How It Works for Small Businesses
What is SEO and how it works for small businesses

Doing SEO is optimizing your website on search engines that you want to rank high such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Baidu.

The Google and Bing search engines use bots to crawl from page to page, crawl it, and index it. If you do not understand an index, think of it simply as a vast library where data is stored, and you can take anything: a book or a web page and find precisely what you need at that time.

Success factors in SEO can represent aspects of user experience. It’s how bots find and accurately estimate how well a website or web pages can provide searchers with what they want.

Each search engine will have different algorithms to determine which search results are best for users.

For example, Google has more than 200 ranking factors in its algorithm. You can refer to the video below to better understand how Google works:

Video explan how Google works for beginners

3. What Are The Benefits Of Doing An SEO Website?

In your opinion, what is the actual purpose of doing SEO in Marketing? Why, all around the world today, so many people are flocking to learn SEO and do web SEO?

The goal of SEO is simple: to Top Google. Not really; I come to SEO not because of the top but because of the influence that Top Google brings to me – Revenue and Brand.

80% of users click on Organic results instead of Google Ads. And in that 80%, on average, 65% click on the top 5 results.

Those figures don’t lie. Therefore, ranking the website on the search engine bar is essential for SEO. This is similar to how you display a product and must make it in the most prominent and easy-to-see position.

When you do SEO effectively, your website will be displayed in a higher position. This means increasing the rate of website appearance in front of potential customers and, from there, attracting more views, creating customer conversion rates, promoting brands more widely, and increasing sales.

SEO is a channel to attract customers sustainably & continuously grow

Optimizing SEO allows your website to reach the TOP of Google searches, attracting thousands of traffic. And you can maintain this result for a very long time because the website is optimized for SEO, well recognized by Google, and you need to support them.

SEO helps increase ROI

How to Measure SEO ROI (With Formulas)
How to measure SEO ROI (with formulas)

ROI (Return On Investment) is the ratio of profit earned to investment costs. The higher the ROI, the more efficient the business operation is.

With SEO, you can:

  • Estimated profit from the amount of traffic coming in
  • Improve the conversion rate of each keyword brought, improve revenue
  • Analyze and evaluate the current state of business websites, and solve specific problems that directly affect income.

You can read more in this article to understand ROI and why a business should care about ROI. Moreover, thanks to effective SEO, your business can optimize marketing costs for Ads by implementing SEO-PPC coordination strategies.

Long-term investment

Unlike advertising – when you stop investing, advertising also turns off, and SEO brings long-term results after a period of effective optimization. Your website is still top, attracting free traffic and bringing in customers even with tiny implementations.

Flexibility, navigating customers according to their wishes

A website is also a form of Owned Media – a media channel owned by the “owner.”

Because the website is a kind of owned media, it will have benefits only the press can have. For example, when there is a new campaign, my website can easily navigate users on the page the way I want, such as through Internal Links, website banners, etc. Without any additional cost.

Owned media leads to Earned Media – channels built on brand strength.

Because of an engaging website and engaging content, websites, and social media users will take notice. Earned media is 88% more trustworthy to customers than owned media alone.

Improve the UX/UI of the users on the website

Because Google will rely on customer behavior to evaluate the quality of the website, consider whether to put your website on TOP or not. So, optimizing SEO will be a double job – helping the website to be appreciated by Google and helping to score points in customers’ eyes because of good UX/UI optimization.

SEO helps to understand the behavior of potential customers

SEO strategies at EverRanks are all built closely with the customer journey, so each implementation step is associated with the behavior of potential customers, clarifying the target audience and focusing on increasing the effective conversion rate.

Pursue customers with remarketing

As mentioned above, SEO can help you optimize your Ads costs with combined SEO – PPC strategies. This also depends on understanding customer behavior.

Many businesses often need clarification about whether to choose SEO or PPC. Still, with the experience of industry experts, you should plan a remarketing strategy to target audiences obtained thanks to SEO, such as customers who have visited essential pages. They are in the Customer Journey funnel because they are the correct leads.

Building, strengthening, and developing a sustainable brand

Most users using the Google search engine, or other search engines, will never stop searching for a keyword or clicking on a website on the search results and then done.

Instead, they tend to search for related keywords many, many, and many times until they get the complete information.

Your website will be more likely to appear continuously in the eyes of searchers at the top position on Google. And the opportunity will be even higher when users see your business as one of the experts in the business field about the products and services they aim for.

Assuming you consistently appear in the top 5 search engine positions of the keywords they are searching for, are you one of the top 5 market leaders in your industry?

Have you also (and still are) said, “The higher the rank of a website in the search engine results, the more reputable the website is”? 

And this is also the truth: SEO ranking on the search engine of a keyword is a vote of confidence: “Google for the website is at the top, which means that the website is a leading company in this field.”

The higher you rank in search results, the more trust you will gain in customers’ eyes.

4. What Are The Limitations Of SEO?

To help you properly understand SEO and make the best decision, I will talk about the limitations of SEO shortly. Besides the advantages of SEO, the issue of time investment or competitors are also disadvantages of SEO, as follows:

Long investment period–impact on opportunity cost in business

Sustainable long-term results of SEO can’t come in a day, right? For articles on your website to appear at the top of search engines will take a long time. Maybe even up to several months. You should be careful if companies provide SEO services with surprisingly cheap SEO quotes and simultaneously commit to top thousands of keywords in just 1-2 days. So with SEO, businesses need to have patience. And this method will not be suitable for business people who need to advertise quickly.

Competitors get stronger

In business, competition is inevitable. With SEO’s potential, you are not the only business that wants to implement SEO. Moreover, if your SEO Marketing campaign achieves impressive results, competitors will change their Marketing campaign and proceed to attack you. To prevent this, you can ultimately sign up for SEO training programs to improve your team’s skills!

Not a conversion channel if purely about SEO

SEO optimization has a very positive impact on the website’s conversion rate. However, if you are expecting SEO purely, then absolutely not, because generating conversions depends on other additional factors such as:

  • How is the UX & UI website?
  • How is the quality of website content?
  • Are you planning to run remarketing?
  • Is there a CRM system to nurture leads that slowly convert into actual customers?

The result is only one SEO or Ads channel or a simple channel that brings customer conversions, which requires two parallel plans:

  • Plan to attract users according to the right buyer persona (customer persona) through traffic attraction channels like SEO, ads, and PR.
  • A conversion optimization plan focuses on converting prospects/traffic into real customers/clients, generating actual revenue.

The constant variation of the Google algorithm

Search rankings are optimized mainly based on the Google algorithm, like a “grading scale.” If the grading scale changes, the score will also change.

Each search engine will have different algorithms to evaluate the best search results for users.

More interestingly, Google often has unexpected updates to remove low-quality websites from the search results table.

Therefore, more is needed to optimize SEO. The website needs to be optimized with a focus on user experience because Google aims to provide the best results for users.

5. Google Algorithms Impact SEO

Here are the algorithms that significantly affect the SEO results of many websites, so SEOers need to know precisely and follow the latest updates from Google.

Panda algorithm

The panda algorithm finds websites with poor content, spam, and duplicates. If the website violates these SEO errors and is processed by the panda algorithm, it will not be able to achieve high rankings on Google. The most obvious sign is a decline in traffic for a long time and only a tiny decrease each day or week.

Penguin algorithm

The goal of the Penguin algorithm is to websites with poor quality, dirty, and unnatural links. Being processed by the Penguin algorithm will also not be displayed at the top of the search engines.

Pirate algorithm

Pirate algorithms will handle websites that violate the copyright of the content. Many people report violations.

Hummingbird algorithm

Hummingbird is Google’s algorithm for websites with unnatural keywords, spam posts, or incorrect target keywords.

Pigeon algorithm

The Pigeon algorithm will find and deal with poorly optimized websites, improperly set up Google My Business or problems in business contact information, and missing citations in local directories.

Mobile friendly algorithm

The Mobile Friendly algorithm is used to screen web pages with problems such as too small font size, tight lines, and no mobile version, making it difficult for users to read. Or the website uses a lot of Plugins. The view could be better. Mobile Friendly will handle it. This algorithm is a small piece of User Experience.

RankBrain algorithm

The RankBrain algorithm deals with websites that lack relevance to a particular query or have a poor user experience. RankBrain will also target websites with the same address and provide similar services.

Possum algorithm

Possum is also used to screen for websites with similar addresses or services.

Fred algorithm

Fred is Google’s algorithm, handling websites with a lot of spam content, advertising, and low-quality information and not bringing efficiency to users. When being driven by Fred, the website will decrease in traffic, sometimes only 1/10 compared to before.

6. What Are The Current SEO Perspectives?

There are three popular opinions of SEO: white hat SEO, black hat SEO, and gray hat SEO. In the following section, I will highlight some of the distinguishing features.

What is white-hat SEO?

White-hat SEO uses tactics following the terms and conditions set forth by search engines. White-hat SEO adheres to all policies and regulations when performing optimization. For example, the white-hat SEO ensures no violation or penalty policy when operating with the search engine Google.

Here are some tactics used by white-hat SEOs:

  • Provide quality information, content, and services to customers
  • Optimize your website to be more user-friendly
  • Using the Meta Description tag, using a variety of keywords
  • Make your website easier to navigate.

What is black-hat SEO?

Black-hat SEO is the opposite of white-hat SEO. They use unregulated methods to increase search engine rankings. Using black-hat SEO tactics can get your website banned from search engines and affiliated websites. Here are some of the tactics that are considered black-hat, and I don’t think you should do them at all:

  • Automate the content on the website.
  • Use gateway pages (Doorway Pages).
  • Use hidden text or links.
  • Keyword spam.
  • Report harmful to competitors (negative SEO behavior).
  • Stealth redirects.
  • Link manipulation (including buying and selling links).
  • Using spam to mark rich snippets.
  • Automated queries to search engines.
  • Create pages, domains, or subdomains with duplicate content.
  • Using harmful behaviors to users, such as phishing, installing viruses, or malicious software.

What is gray-hat SEO?

So what is gray-hat SEO? This is a challenging term to define. Gray-hat SEO refers to using riskier tactics than white hat SEO, but these practices may not get your website banned from search engines or related sites. 

John Andrews–an SEO consultant, has mentioned this issue. He says gray-hat SEO is not a middle strategy between white-hat and black-hat SEO. Still, it can be understood as techniques that have not been clearly defined by the rules, terms, or documents, documents material published by Google on tactics, nor contrary to the principles and spirit posted by Google.

Understanding SEO correctly, as it is significant, helps you improve your website effectively without risk, but it can also cost you thousands of visits. The tactics of gray-hat SEO often change periodically and can turn into black-hat or white-hat SEO. Therefore, the SEO-er should regularly update about these changes.

7. Useful, Free Support SEO Tools

Besides understanding what SEO is as well as how to properly and effectively perform SEO, you will still need some of the following support tools:

Google Analytics

The free SEO support tool Google Analytics is from Google that will help businesses with statistical factors such as Demographics (gender, geographical location, ethnicity), the language used search history, time as well as how customers use to access the website of the business. In addition, the primary use of Google Analytics that I am using is to analyze the effectiveness of website traffic.

Tool Moz

Tool Moz is a popular SEO support tool today, widely used by the following utilities:

  • Open Site Explorer: check backlinks back to the website, update the number quickly, and display the DA and PA of the website.
  • Followerwonk: Show metrics on the Twitter platform
  • Mozbar: Helps businesses quickly update the tool’s features with just one click.
  • SERP Overlay: Displays SEO metrics on individual search results.

Google Keyword Planner

Keyword Planner is an upgraded Google Keyword and AdWords Traffic Estimator Tools version. Google Keyword Planner allows you to calculate the number of customers querying and reaching potential customers.

This tool lets you know the average number of searches for a keyword worldwide or in a particular country. Besides, it also indicates the level of competition for a specific keyword. Through this information, businesses can estimate the costs of marketing campaigns and, at the same time, filter and select a set of keywords suitable for their services and products.

For those who do SEO, Google Keyword Planner is a powerful tool that makes keyword research easy, identifies critical keywords for business types and products, and captures SEO trends—the most exact.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console will help businesses in both Onpage and Offpage optimization through the ability to analyze possible problems with the website. Specifically, it optimizes duplicated HTML tags and surveys the number of backlinks returning to the site.

SEO Tools Asia

SEO Tools Asia supports general web analysis to find On-page, Off-page SEO errors. In addition, this tool also has a lot of good features for SEO-er.

Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing Webmaster Tools provides several features such as traffic analysis, title duplication check, and error checking on the website.

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is a tool to help businesses crawl websites, with some basic features such as error analysis, 301 redirects, insert links, check for URL problems, Duplicate, Title, Meta Description, Keywords Meta, Response Time, Word Count, and Size. Screaming Frog is also an effective support tool for an overall SEO audit of the website (including Content and Technical). You can download Screaming Frog here.

SEO Quake Toolbar

SEOQuake Toolbar is used to optimize On-page SEO, besides checking how well the website is optimized.


GTmetrix is ​​a website speed test tool, highly reliable and easy to use compared to many other devices with the same function.


Keywordtool.io allows businesses to generate keywords. Just enter specific keywords, and this tool will output keywords related to the topic of the given keyword.

To know more details about the features and usage of the above tools, you can immediately refer to the article “TOP 25 Top Free SEO Tools (Updated 2023)” on our website.

8. The SEO Types You Need To Know

In the world’s leading search engines today, there are many popular strategies of SEO, but the result is still increased traffic and optimized conversions for the website. Let’s look at the latest SEO types in 2023 below:

SEO Branding

This form of SEO aims to increase brand awareness and enhance brand entities. Thereby helping the brand to be prioritized to improve its ranking on SERPS, increase its strength and gain more trust from customers. This form of SEO promotes business efficiency and sales for newly established companies and businesses.

SEO Sales

SEO Sales or sales SEO is currently the most used form of SEO, appearing densely on e-commerce sites (SEO E-Commerce).

The reason for this is the strong development of business on the e-commerce floor, which increased the demand for online purchases, leading to SEO products becoming increasingly popular. In addition, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has also contributed to changing user behavior and the growth of the online shopping market.

Sales SEO is a method of reaching customers naturally, providing information about their products when customers search for keywords. This not only helps increase sales but also creates a connection with customers. If your data is of good quality, in line with the needs they seek, customers will update more often and gradually become close friends. This is a profitable business, a cheap and highly effective form of Online Marketing.

SEO Crisis

SEO crisis occurs when search engine rankings are lost or no longer stable. Not only does it bring economic losses, but this also makes website owners feel mentally depressed. Being corrected quickly and adequately can lead to more severe consequences.

There are many causes of the SEO crisis, such as:

  • Get pumped dirty links by bad players.
  • Link strategy is “over,” not diverse and unique.
  • Less creative content, too many duplicates.
  • Use black hat SEO tricks.

The process of practical SEO crisis handling steps:

  • Identify the specific cause.
  • Filter and disavow dirty links (if any), and edit error content.
  • Optimize the entire website to be search engine friendly.
  • Contact Google directly for quick processing.
  • New site construction and development, parallel with crisis management to save time and limit loss of benefits.

SEO Traffic

Traffic to the website usually comes from the following sources:

  • Direct (direct access)
  • Referral (indirect access)
  • Organic search (accessed via a search engine)
  • Social (accessed through social networking sites)

The number of visitors needs to ensure the right audience (through the website they come from and the intermediary information source), thereby bringing the website effectiveness.

SEO Trends

When implementing SEO Trends, there are usually two trends to be directed to, which are hot trends and upcoming trends:

  • Hot trends: Events of great interest on television or the Internet.
  • Upcoming trends: The strategy of marketing campaigns to take the lead, leading up to hot upcoming events and using related keywords.

These strategies of SEO bring a lot of traffic in a certain period. However, the level of competition with the opponent is quite fierce, and the effect could be more stable or only usable for a while.

8. Who Needs An SEO Website?

Anyone who wants to reach customers quickly through search engines without spending too much needs SEO. People who need to use SEO are usually:

  • Website management: Practice SEO on the website and want to sell to bring in sales and save costs.
  • Business owner: Want to grow a long-term business through search engines?
  • Marketers want to increase sales and save money.
  • Those looking for an SEO career to work for a company or develop a personal brand in the future.

9. What Is The SEO Profession? What Is The Job Of An SEOer?

SEO is about ranking a website as high as possible on search results. So a person doing SEO website / SEO Marketing needs to implement in detail what work? The answer lies in this content.

What is the SEO profession?

SEO has been one of the outstanding professions in the world in the past few years, along with the development of Digital Marketing and search engine optimization. Understand doing SEO jobs. You will take on SEO On-page and Off-page SEO and other related jobs. So what jobs must a website SEO or SEO marketing staff do? Find out below!

What is the job of an SEOer?

Every SEO Marketing or SEO website staff needs to do the following things to optimize their website:

  • Planning SEO every month-quarter-year.
  • Keyword research.
  • Create content and update content every week.
  • On-page analysis and optimization.
  • Interacting with customers.
  • Build Internal Link and External Links.
  • Optimizing a website for mobile devices.
  • Design to upgrade the UX/UI of the website.
  • Advertise posts on Social Networks.
  • Analyze and evaluate competitors.
  • Manage returned metrics.
  • Personal analysis.
  • Report and re-evaluate based on the set plan.

SEO and IT, etc., or content are different professions, and the work to be done is additional, but there are still the most common SEO myths that can be mentioned, such as:

What are the similarities and differences between IT and SEO?

SEO and IT are two completely different professions, IT will have many jobs related to computer programming, and SEO will be connected to search engine optimization.

Does SEO need to know how to write content?

“Content is King,” especially in SEO content, determines 80% of whether an article can go to the top or not. No matter how good SEO is, the content could be better. It can be challenging for you to achieve the desired ranking on Google. The SEO profession may not directly write content articles. Still, it is also necessary to have skills in conveying content through writing to control the quality of content before putting it on the website.

Does SEO need to know the design?

An article will include images and text, sometimes even a video. If you have your design team, the photos are no longer a concern, but if you don’t have a design, you can completely design images for your articles. You can have advanced design skills, but a basic level is perfect for SEO work.

Does SEO need to know Copywriter?

It would be best if you practiced capturing user psychology to determine whether the article or content provides enough information to the user. No matter how much you optimize your website, the content could be better, does not bring value, and gradually users will no longer pay attention.

Is SEO optional to know to program?

When you optimize anything, you have to understand it first. The primary programming language is the Source Code website, and only when you know that language can you understand what the website needs. Of course, SEO does not require specialized knowledge of programming, but you do need to understand the general basics.

What is the most effective SEO method?

Each project will have different SEO strategies and methods, so finding the most effective SEO method for every project is impossible. This requires you to research and learn about the market from which to draw which SEO method should be applied to bring the highest efficiency to your project.

How long does SEO take to get results?

The website will take 3 to 6 months for markets with low competition to grow. With many big competitors, it will take even 12 months to be adequate for complex needs.

Should you choose SEO or run ads?

If you want fast results, advertising will be the right choice. But if you wish for sustainable and long-term growth, you should choose SEO. You can also combine implementing SEO and running ads for short-term and long-term revenue.

What is the difference between SEO and Online Marketing?

SEO is a branch of SEM (Search Engine Marketing). Therefore, these two definitions are one. SEO has become the most critical profession for effective marketing when Online Marketing is growing.

10. Job Opportunities For SEO Staff

SEO is a very HOT profession, and job opportunities are expanding in Vietnam. To successfully interview at Agency and Client companies, you must prepare yourself with the necessary skills to have more options and an attractive salary.

The skills required of SEO staff

With each profession, there will be specific requirements for knowledge and skills, as will the SEO profession. We invite you to learn the skills needed to become a good SEO Marketing employee.

Logical thinking: Although SEO is a part of marketing, the job of SEO people will be mainly related to technique. This job suits you if you are a logical thinker and can work with numbers. You can read many books related to your major, attend specialized SEO courses, and do technical projects to get an excellent technical mindset.

Analytical and reasoning skills: In your SEO time, besides the main task of website optimization, you must invest time in competitor research, data analysis, Google algorithm updates, etc. During the implementation process. When you launch an SEO project, you may encounter specific problems, such as the website being penalized by Google and SEO on page A but on top of page B. All these problems require the ability to analyze, set up, discuss, and provide solutions.

Sorting and categorizing skills–Excel skills: If you have mastered Excel skills, then congratulations, you have an outstanding advantage in being able to do SEO. But if you are a newbie who knows nothing about Excel, you can start learning Excel now. Doing SEO your work will involve a lot of website data. You will have to make statistics, organize the data, and store it from those data. If you need to learn to use Excel, you will need help working, and it’s easy to mess things up.

Programming skills: A website’s information is stored in code, so basic programming knowledge will significantly help.

Note when SEO for business: Each field will have specific characteristics and requirements, but to implement an SEO project for your business successfully, you need to adhere to the following criteria:

  • What is the desired goal after completing an SEO project? You can map out the right directions only when you have a specific destination, helping the work go smoothly.
  • Thoroughly research the business website, and learn about the competitors.

Updated salary of SEO staff

Many businesses build and develop websites as a sales channel and attract potential customers. Therefore, the job opportunities in the SEO industry are tremendous. Not only can you work as an SEO officer in big companies, but you can also work in agencies in the marketing industry and have an open promotion path. In 2023, the salary of a new SEO employee in the profession ranges from 50.000$ per year. After having experience, the monthly salary can increase from 200.000$ per year and add project commissions that you undertake.

11. The Basic SEO Process

SEO includes many techniques, from simple to advanced, and beginners easily give up. But don’t worry when; I have systematized the SEO process through the infographic below. Let’s start to do bigger things.

  • Research keywords: Research keywords with free and paid tools. The easiest way to start is to understand what your customers seek.
  • Build content: Deploy a content expert based on a list of keywords you have researched.
  • On-page: Optimize keywords, heading tags, meta descriptions, and images for the content you have deployed.
  • Off-page: Build a Backlink system to create trust and promote SEO key URLs.
  • Track results: Continuously monitor the results you take on previous steps to set the following goals.
  • Advanced optimization: Continue further analysis, and perform progressive optimization steps. SEO is more challenging than simply keeping the top.
  • CRO–Conversion Rate Optimization: The ultimate goal is Revenue and Brand. Keep optimizing CRO to make your SEO process successful.

Note: If you have a new update or edit on the article, please regularly submit the URL to Google Search Console so the bot can quickly re-crawl the URL.

For those of you who don’t know what it is: Googlebot, aka Google’s crawler, has two types of data collection: Googlebot Desktop (which simulates users on a desktop computer) and Googlebot Smartphone (used to impersonate users on mobile devices).

12. How Your Online Business Can Exploit SEO

To effectively exploit SEO and bring benefits to businesses, the SEO strategy plays a vital role, including the following factors:

Build a business plan

The first job your business needs to do is to build a specific business plan, from designing a standard website to developing content and providing necessary information to customers.

Then, based on the financial situation, human resources, and current market demand, investors, suppliers, and competitors make a list of short-term plans and goals, closely following each stage—the development phase.

Building a marketing strategy

To effectively achieve the set goals, businesses should choose a Marketing platform based on the target customer portrait and business strategy. I also recommend combining SEO with many different Digital Marketing channels for maximum effectiveness. This will also help increase the rate of appearing at the top of the search, stabilizing Google rankings. “Right content, right place, right time”—Google

Provide valuable content to customers

“Content is King” never goes out of style. SEO is a form of marketing that attracts customers’ attention based on content. This content should ensure a quick resolution of the user’s problem. Therefore, if the content is of high quality and full of expertise, customers will pay more attention and trust the business.

13. Update The Latest SEO Trends For 2023

Update SEO trends, and this is a way to help your SEO more effectively. Update SEO trends early, and you will get advantages when competing with other businesses in the market. Here are 4 SEO trends that you should embrace and implement.

Content Hub and Entity Layer

Content Hub: Content Hub is content used to retain customers, ensuring that visitors will return. Content Hub includes Hero, Hub, and Hygiene Content that is simple and easy to understand. This content pyramid model has many similarities with the AIDA model but is more compact, helping strategists understand the strategy easier to implement. The hub is the main content that other types ensure users get to the end.

Entity Layer: Entity Building is always considered one of the critical factors determining the website’s ranking on search engines. The Entity is unique, unique, identifiable, and distinguishable from others. In the simplest terms, building Entity is a way to help Google identify your website, thereby trusting your website and promoting the website to grow effectively.

Google Passage Ranking

I will briefly explain if you still need help understanding Google Passage!

Searching specifically for something can take time to get the most accurate results, so Google figured out how to find the answer deep within the page’s contents. Specifically, Google ranks not only web page-ranks web pages and the snippets of content within pages. And this is Google Passage.

So, if you understand this trend and implement it in the right direction, the right way will help your website rank more.

Core Web Vitals

Core Web Vitals is a collection of factors that Google values, which Google considers the most important for the user experience on your website. Core Web Vitals is evaluated based on three user metrics: Largest Contentful Paint, First Input Delay, and Cumulative Layout Shift. Core Web Vitals will directly affect rankings, but it’s not a make-or-break factor. But it would be best if you still aimed to optimize the elements of Core Web Vitals to bring the best user experience.

Visual Search

Visual search is a trend that I find “taking off” recently. More specifically, Visual Search is a technology that allows users to use image queries to search.

Some of the following statistics will prove that Visual search is gradually becoming a trend to embrace:

  • Google Lens has been used 1 billion times.
  • Pinterest receives 600 million Visual Searches per month.
  • 36% of consumers in America use Visual search.

Pay attention to this trend if you want your website to grow stronger. All the above directions and many other new SEO trends have been researched and presented in full detail in my sharing of the 9 Most Outstanding SEO Trends in 2023.

Do you now understand what SEO is?

What is article SEO? Benefits & Jobs SEO staff must know! This will give you an overview of SEO and help you understand the SEO optimization process for the website.

I know there are hundreds of Search Engine Optimization resources you can learn from–if you like blogs, ebooks, forums, or follow the experts. Of course, too many resources can be overwhelming for an SEO beginner because it can be difficult to distinguish quality content from non-quality content. That’s why I dedicated the last chapter to the best SEO resources I’ve curated!And if you want to hire a reliable outside SEO service to help you implement effective SEO Marketing campaigns, here are 8 SEO knowledge you need before investing in SEO.


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