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Zero Search Volume Keywords Targeting Is Being Discussed

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16 Sep 2022

Google responds to a query about targeting keywords with no search volume.

Google Talks About Keyword Targeting With Zero Search Volume

Googlers answer the question of whether or not to try ranking for zero search volume keywords in a Google office hours hangout.

The person who asked the question mentioned that they are ranking for keywords with no search volume and wondered if they should target those for ranking purposes.

They asked:

“Let’s say I research on a keyword which has no volume or keyword density, but we are appearing for those keywords on the first page.

Should we target that keyword?”

The question was answered by a Googler who identified herself as Lizzi.

She replied:

“…You can optimize for whatever keywords you want.

And it’s not always about the keywords that have the most volume.

I would think about how people should find your page and target those keywords.”

Think About How People Search

Think About How People Search
Someone unfamiliar with a subject may conduct a search using unusual terms (Soure: Internet)

Lizzi’s response is similar to what is written in Google’s SEO Starter Guide.

The SEO starter guide document also suggests considering how users might find a webpage.

What’s interesting is that they suggest considering how different readers might search based on their level of knowledge or experience.

Someone new to a topic may search with unusual phrases, whereas someone who is experienced will use commonly used jargon.

Someone new to saltwater fishing, for example, might look up ‘saltwater fishing lures.’

Someone with more experience may look for a ‘pikie metal lip plug’ (which is a handcrafted wooden lure that swims with a wagging puppy tail).

According to Google’s SEO Starter Guide:

“Anticipating these differences in search behavior and accounting for them while writing your content (using a good mix of keyword phrases) could produce positive results.”

In terms of content, the SEO starter guide recommends writing and optimizing for the needs of the reader.

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Zero Search Volume Keyword Targeting

Zero Search Volume Keyword Targeting
Lizzi suggested that you think about how people might search for and use those phrases within the content (Source: Internet)

There is a trend called Zero Search Volume Keywords Targeting that is being discussed.

It’s an unfortunate name for a keyword research strategy. The strategy focuses on longtail search queries.

Longtail queries are keyword phrases that are used infrequently.

The term “longtail” is frequently misunderstood to refer to extremely long keyword phrases. That is not the case.

The defining feature is the rarity of how frequently it is searched for.

And it’s a good strategy because if the phrase is something that people will search for, it’s a good idea to optimize for it.

So it all comes back to Lizzi’s suggestion to consider how people might search for and use those phrases within the content.

Hopefully, with the information that EverRanks has compiled, you will find new ways to optimize search engines. Follow our SEO company to get more information which are useful to your business.

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